A new player has arrived on the high-end market!

07/07/2016 by

Launching the first of multiple collections, TheCocoonalist introduces its concept: l’Élégance Autrement. Two words that invite you to define elegance in your own way.
TheCocoonalist collections are exclusively available online on the brand’s e-shop and in pop-up stores that reflect its universe and unveil its limited editions.

From loungewear to porcelain, home textiles and accessories, the collections are developed across Europe by talented master artisans and designers with exceptional skills, using the highest quality materials, ranging from silk to cashmere, cotton, linen, mother-of-pearl, wood and leather.

TheCocoonalist silhouettes move beyond the conventional to offer another definition of elegance: the relaxed yet elegant clothing can be worn at home or outside the house. Each individual can now define their own version of elegance — according to their context, their story, their accessories.

To compliment and ideally enhance these creations, TheCocoonalist includes the services of a team of expert interior designers. With worldwide experience, these designers offer a bespoke illustration of the brand’s concept according to your own needs and wishes.

TheCocoonalist collaborates with some of the most inspiring and innovative designers to develop rare and distinct limited edition collections. From lingerie to bags, clothing or jewelry, these unique capsule collections will exude originality with the infusion of the designer’s vision at TheCocoonalist’s philosophy.

TheCocoonalist develops a new lifestyle that encourages people to define elegance in their own way: by putting a twist on basic yet luxury pieces, playing with ‘style’ and reinventing the uses of each creation. www.thecocoonalist.com