A Parisian Love Story An Apartment with Jetclass Signature

07/23/2021 by

A luxury apartment located in the fantastic and fanciful city of romance presents an elegant decoration with a modern classic touch.

The result is a very comfortable and stylish Parisian home with Jetclass Signature.

The master pieces…

Lust keeps it simple and modern. This sideboard is the perfect piece to suit the dining room set

standing out as a detail of elegance.

A precious piece of art that allows to combine materials such as stainless steel, marble and wood veneer. Ideal for a unique and exclusive home, Phoenix dining table reflects elegance as the masterpiece of the dining room furniture.

Lust arises with the aim of satisfying a different function. This seductive piece brings a new form to the bar furniture and is specially arranged to make it a perfect home for your splendid liquors, fine distilled spirits and wines.

Sober pieces with unique intricate details convey an enigmatic and timeless involving aesthetics.