Advancing Your Career to Get What You Want out of Life


If a poll were to be taken today to see what the majority of people really want out of life, you might be surprised at what they say. While most people would obviously say “More money” or a “Better paying job,” those are really only vehicles to get what they want. Money, in and of itself, isn’t an end goal but typically a way to get what you want. Nothing comes freely and most things cost dearly. Are you looking for a Rolex watch? Then you know that Rolex’s cost a lot of money; thousands of dollars in fact. So if what you want out of life is a luxury item and it comes at a high cost, you obviously realize that you need more money to pay for it.

A Word about Advancing Your Career

Advancing your career to get what you want out of life simply means you know you need to make more money. You can work your way to the top over a number of years, but by the time you reach the top you no longer want what’s important to you today. The quickest way to advance in your job would probably be to further your education, but how do you do that? Actually, technology has provided the answer, and no matter what field you are in, you can get an advanced degree online.

The Nursing Profession as an Example

Many nurses are now getting their master of science in nursing online while continuing to work as an RN. Within a short period of time they can have that MSN and many times that one piece of paper puts them in a position to make double what they are making now. From a floor nurse to a nurse practitioner or a nurse administrator offers a huge raise in pay.
If what you really want out of life has a price attached to it, the easiest way to pay that price is to get a better job and the easiest way to do that is with an advanced degree in your field. As a nurse, you could study for a master of science in nursing online from a school like Bradley University and within a year you could have that advanced degree.

Defining What You Want

There are some things that even money can’t buy like power, children or love. Even though there is a ‘price’ attached to those things, it isn’t usually a monetary price. Unless you have a bottomless pocket, you really can’t buy power, and children come at a cost, but it’s usually the time and money spent raising them. You can’t buy children either, at least not legally! Then there’s love and as the old Beatles song goes – even money Can’t Buy Me Love. The important thing is to define what you want so you can begin working to make that happen.

From luxury items like that Rolex watch, to a new car that doesn’t break down on every other corner, you can get what you want out of life if you’re willing to work for it. Just as nurses get a master of science in nursing to step up their careers to a whole new level, you can do that with literally any profession if you are willing to put the time and effort into it. The bottom line is that the easiest way to get a raise in pay is to further your education.