Ali Bakhtiar Designs, the new pinnacle of French luxury

12/13/2018 by

With determination, passion and a great ability to evolve in the world of events, Ali BENHAM-BAHKTIAR is the man who manages to turn a card castle into a real palace.

His popularity comes from this great ability to make dreams a reality.

Favorite of the Royal families from the Arabian Gulf to East Asia, all recognize his well-defined taste, his talent, but also his iron grip that allows him to honor majestic sites in record time.


Ali BENHAM-BAHKTIAR is a virtuoso of events and luxury real estate, whose professional skills have made him an influential man for nearly a quarter of a century.


At the beginning of this adventure, there is the creation in Dubai of the company ALI BAKHTIAR DESIGNS, 25 years ago this year.

Specializing in the organization of events such as the most posh weddings of the elite, government seminars or international conferences for heads of state, many prestigious clients are seeking its services.

 In the obvious continuity, his talent for design has pushed ALI BAKHTIAR DESIGNS to open a department dedicated to architecture and interior design there are fifteen years.

 Through hard work, sacrifices and success, the company has built a solid reputation.


Since then, Ali BEHNAM-BAKHTIAR has conquered nearly twenty countries to establish his empire "In". And he does not intend to stop there. It is now heading to Europe by opening two establishments in France and Ireland.

The latest, located close to Monaco, and whose legal and strategic development is supervised by Romain GERARDIN-FRESSE of the famous Law Firm GFK CONSEILS, is booming.

 Ali BEHNAM-BAKHTIAR says it willingly; "We are convinced of the great potential that lies in the European market".

It is therefore quite natural that just two months after the opening of its French branch, it already organizes several key events, including the iconic gala for the 25 years of the jewelery brand DE GRISOGOGNO, on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival.


ALI BAKHTIAR DESIGNS, the new pinnacle of French luxury? Everything leads to believe it.