AllSaints Expands Debut Fragrance Collection with Two New Scents

09/05/2019 by

AllSaints, the global contemporary fashion brand, is unveiling two additions to its fragrance portfolio. Flora Mortis and Leather Skies join the brand's first foray into the unique and disruptive offering that explores scent with an edgy delicacy full of unexpected contradictions.

"Flora Mortis and Leather Skies inspire our global community to express their individual style, creative impulses and unique identity - adding further depth to the AllSaints fragrance collection," said Wil Beedle, the brand's Chief Creative Director.

Flora Mortis and Leather Skies complete the AllSaints debut fragrance collection, which includes Sunset Riot, Metal Wave, and Incense City. Each scent pays tribute to the dichotomies that exist within the brand, and mirror the juxtapositions that exist within the consumer's own life. Unlikely elements pulled from natural and industrial landscapes complement one another. These rare combinations inspire an olfactory experience that is uniquely AllSaints.

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The campaign takes the many glimpses of the AllSaints brand language from over the years and captures them using original dead stock instant film, in itself, a nod to the way that memory is so inherently linked to the olfactory experience.


A classical bottle form is rendered unique through its juxtaposition with a concrete cap. The images were placed within the bottles themselves and on the reverse side of the fragrance carton.

The complete AllSaints Fragrance Collection will be available Fall 2019 at AllSaints boutiques in the UK, US and Canada (£49/$79 each 3.4FL OZ./100ML), at select AllSaints boutiques globally, and online at AllSaints Sunset RiotMetal Wave, and Incense City fragrances are also available in the UK at retailers including Superdrug/,, Debenhams/ and in the US at Nordstrom/ (£49/$79 each 3.4FL OZ./100ML).