Alpina Presents Its Novelties At Watches And Wonders Geneva

04/12/2024 by

For the second year running, Alpina presents its new products at Watches and Wonders. The iconic Extreme case is now adapted to the Seastrong Diver watches, and the Alpiner Extreme line welcomes a quartz movement housed in a smaller case diameter of 34 x 35,2mm.  


It’s distinctive and assertive, featuring a new, slimmed-down unisex format, four lively colours and a high-precision quartz movement. Housed in a cushion case resized to a compact 34 x 35.2mm, the Alpiner Extreme Quartz dial comes in rock beige, lustrous pink, glacier blue or verdant green; the first three options are set on a steel bracelet, the fourth on a rubber strap matching the dial. All four are clearly ready for adventure and the conquest of the great outdoors.


There are gradual changes, and there are breakthroughs. The new Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic belongs firmly in the second category, with Alpina harnessing the power of its Extreme case to grace its Seastrong collection for the first time. Alpine and maritime adventures are now blended together in an innovative, powerful and distinctive piece housed in a 39 x 40.50mm steel case.  


Fitted with the ultra-robust case from Alpina’s outdoor Extreme line for the first time, the timepiece features a GMT function, making it ready to travel anywhere. Two automatic models join the Seastrong collection, both housed in a steel case with a ceramic bezel on a black rubber strap. The 39x40.50mm cushion format is both strong and compact, making it perfect for water sports and urban settings alike.