Alpiner Extreme Quartz Alpina's Compact Encapsulation Of Adventure Sports

04/15/2024 by

It’s distinctive and assertive, featuring a new, slimmed-down unisex format, four lively colours and a high-precision quartz movement. Housed in a cushion case resized to a compact 34 x 35.2mm, the Alpiner Extreme Quartz dial comes in rock beige, lustrous pink, glacier blue or verdant green; the first three options are set on a steel bracelet, the fourth on a rubber strap matching the dial. All four are clearly ready for adventure and the conquest of the great outdoors.



The first change involves the use of a new steel case. The collection was previously available only in a 41 x 42.50mm format; the new option measures a more compact 34 x 35.2mm giving it an edgier feel. The imposing cushion format that constitutes the Extreme style hallmark is now dimensioned to fit all wrists – and is easier to fit under a buttoned shirt sleeve for city wear. The Alpiner Extreme Quartz has a decidedly sporty temperament, but its Swiss Made horological ancestry is none the less apparent for that.



The second major change is the introduction of a new quartz movement: this is a first for the Alpiner Extreme line, which previously featured only automatic movements. The AL-220 calibre now delivers Swiss accuracy for 45 months – the best part of four years. More compact than its automatic counterparts, it’s been custom-designed to fit effortlessly into the new, smaller case. What’s more, it’s impervious to all impacts and outdoor pursuits, doesn’t require winding.



The third change is the choice of four all-new liveries for a dial engraved with Alpina’s triangular emblem: a rocky brown, making it the perfect companion for scaling summits; a lustrous pink, a nod to the first light of dawn; a glacier blue mirroring the depths of mountain lakes; the fourth comes in a verdant green recalling the plant life that forms the backdrop to summer mountain walks. An extra feature of a fourth version that it comes on a matching green rubber strap with the same texture as the crown.