ArtyA Butterfly Crystal

10/21/2021 by

The timepieces in the Butterfly collection are unique by nature: each butterfly has lent its finest colours. The dials are fully hand-made by Dominique Arpa Cirpka, using a secret process known only to ArtyA – often imitated but to this day, never duplicated. Now, with the Butterfly Crystal, ArtyA has gone a step further, adding crystal case perfectly transparent powered by ArtyA’s own Aion Movement, an exclusive inhouse movement COSC certified.  

In 2012, ArtyA’s CEO and designer Yvan Arpa created the Son of Earth collection – and endowed it with the most beautiful and living things the Earth has to offer. One of the first designs in the line was the Butterfly.

Dominique Arpa-Cirpka offers a new creative take each time; for these magnificent cases, the result is a high-flying artistic composition – featuring a kaleidoscope of butterfly wing fragments. Artya preserves the essence of a butterfly’s beauty under glass, in this instance sapphire crystal.


A living watch, unique by nature

Working with living materials is always a challenge. We had to stabilize the material to make it as lively and expressive as possible, whilst ensuring it would stand the test of time. 


Meditations of a Watchmaker

From the very start, Mr. Arpa aimed at a design that could fully exploit the luminescent potentials of the Laboratory created corundum, a sapphire-like gem sharing its many unique qualities, both physical and spiritual.

Physically, the case is stubbornly scratchproof because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires – _9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (approximately 1800 Vickers, the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9.5).

This also explains why it is such an arduous and costly endeavor to create a full sapphire case to match the high standards of ArtyA.

Spiritually, sapphire is a glittering jewel in the treasure house of our cultural memories.

For centuries Sapphires have been seen as symbols of the heavens, guardians of innocence, bestowers of truth, and promoters of good health. They are believed to bring gifts of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty.

Some wore sapphires to ward off illness or as a protection in perilous journeys. They appeared on the fingers of Kings and Cardinals on the most august ceremonial occasions.

But the most important attribute of the sapphire was said to be the protection against sorcery- it was thought to banish evil spirits and repel venomous thoughts. Instead, they beckon the self to look outwards to a world of promise and potentials. With contemplation comes purity, the ability to combine tranquility with deep perception. And this is one of our goals at ArtyA...  



- Full transparent pure sapphire case with anti-reflective treatment

- ArtyA Automatic and exclusive Aion Cosc Swiss high end movement 

Hours, minutes, seconds

- Dial with real butterfly wings

- Power reserve: 50h

- Size: 39 mm

(46 mm available with manual winding skeleton movement)

- Screwed open full sapphire back case

- Sapphire crown

- Handmade leather strap with ArtyA special stitches

- Water resistance 30 meters

-Swiss manufactured

-Unique Piece 1/1

- Price : 28’400 CHF