Benigna Parfums releases Trio of Joyful Fragrances as part of a New Luxury Niche Fragrance Brand.

07/30/2020 by

With Covid-19 impacting the world, and humanity showing a spirit to overcome much like Benigna did at a young age, now more than ever, you will gain an appreciation and connection to these luxury perfumes which will bring joy, happiness, and harmony during these uncertain times. 

Launch event :  An event to honor and celebrate the world with our exquisite fragrances to celebrate the world's resilient spirit during these unprecedented times. on July 30th in Paris, France. There  will also be a live stream of the celebration party via  Twitter , Instagram  and Facebook  @BenignaParfums.   Please join us and view the celebration at 19H  (GMT+2) or 1pm (EDT).

Benigna collaborated with Award-winning French Perfumer Cécile Zarokian, to translate her vision into three magnificent scents which represent an homage  to her life's journey. This collection is masterfully created for those who desire to seek out superior quality and true distinction. Elegant perfumes that embrace the power of oneness, yet tell a unique story on everyone's skin.

The gender-neutral niche perfumes reflect upon memories of Benigna's childhood and her aspirations in life to overcome obstacles – all achieved through grace, hard work, unwavering ambition, and knowing that even the sky is not the limit. These perfumes were created for those who love and seek out superior quality and distinction.

Using only the highest quality and rare ingredients, the scents result in exquisite and luxurious formulations These long-lasting and profound scents are housed in a refillable diamond-faceted, hand-cut crystal adorned with Swarovski diamonds circling the 24-karat gold-plated neck.