Best Watches for Different Occasions


A watch is among the most essential accessories in any fashion chest. It can upgrade any outfit from stylish to utterly sophisticated. However, this is heavily dependent on the watch you choose to wear.

There are numerous styles, features, and price points to consider, which make it difficult to decide on the best watch for an occasion. This post offers a comprehensive guide to choosing a watch to wear with different types of attire.

Whether you are headed to the office or just want to relax playing games at your favorite real money online casino, there is a perfect watch for each occasion.

Classic Analog Watches

An analog watch is made to deliver a clean, timeless look, which is why most feature just an hour hand, a minute hand, and occasionally, an additional hand. These watches are versatile and suit both semi-formal and business outfits. They come with metal bracelets or leather straps.   

Dress Watches

A dress watch is the most traditional choice for formal attire. It is the right timepiece to go for when looking to wear that suit with panache. Due to their slim and subtle design, these timepieces typically fit well under the sleeve of a dress shirt. They feature a leather strap and have a seamless face with minimal complications. 

Chronograph Watches

A chronograph watch is more noticeable since it features more buttons and dials than a dress watch or analog timepiece. Due to their blend of complexity and casualness, these watches add a greater sense of style to any business casual or formal outfit. 


How to Wear Watches in a Stylish Manner

When it comes to wearing a watch, every detail matters. Here are some key things to consider when choosing the perfect timepiece for a business meeting, a fancy night out with friends at the casino, or a date night.

Color Coordination

The best way to stay in style when wearing a watch is to match the bracelet or strap's color with the belt and shoes. A brown belt and shoes go well with a brown strap, while a silver bracelet or black strap matches well with black shoes and belt. 


Precious rocks such as silver or gold are the best choices for a highly sophisticated look. On the other hand, titanium or stainless steel watches are ideal for a more modern, versatile look. 


The Best Big-Time Watch Brands

Luxury timepieces are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, history or astronomical prices, and the hype or respect they command. Here are some of the top options in this category. 

Richard Mille

Known for their classic Formula-1-car outlook, these timepieces are made from titanium cables, carbon nanotubes, or other space-age components. This Swiss brand is also known for introducing haute horology, and its watches carry some very hefty price tags. 


This French brand is adored for its ability to retain the same models it debuted with during the 1920s. These timepieces have been associated with wealth for a very long time.

Audemars Piguet

Exorbitant prices and years-long waiting lists are synonymous with this brand's colorful timepieces. Unsurprisingly, these watches are crafted by some of the most skilled watchmakers and are in a class of their own. 


Rolex is a brand that is universally known in the luxury watch market. Its timepieces feature top-notch movements and finishing, which explains their incredible popularity.


Omega brand is adored for its robust, refined, and technically advanced mechanical sports timepieces. The Omega Speedmaster is the brand's most popular watch, largely due to its ties to Apollo 11. 


In the 1980s, everyone thought it was a crazy idea to put a solid gold watch on a rubber strap when Hublot did it. The brand is still pushing the boundaries, and some of its latest inventions include a full watch case carved out of one block of lab-grown sapphire. 


The BVLGARI BVLGARI watch was inspired by an antique Roman coin and designed by legendary watchmaker Gerald Genta in 1975. Its most recent re-imagination is a black and white aluminum cover.


The Best Affordable Watch Brands

For those whose accounts have fewer zeros, there are dozens of long-established brands and entry-level startups to pick from. Here are some options to consider:

  • Timex. This brand has been around for a long time and has an incredibly diverse and stylish lineup.
  • Tissot. Reasonable prices for Swiss-made quality are the name of the game at Tissot. This brand has been around since 1853 and has an extensive catalog spanning classic 60s chronographs, pro-quality dive watches, and pocket timepieces.
  • Swatch. Nobody believed Switzerland could make high-end mechanical timepieces and inexpensive quartz models until Swatch did it in the early 1980s. Forty years on, the brand is still producing millions of colorful-quirky watches.
  • Casio. This Japanese brand is famous for its solar-powered analog wristwatches, G-shock models, and digital pianos. In everything the company does, it pays great attention to detail and incorporates leading-edge technology.
  • Seiko. Seiko's timepieces tick all the boxes for those looking for a blend of stylishness, dependability, and affordability.


When it comes to stepping out in style, you should never forget that rules are not meant to constrain but to guide. The best watch to wear matches the occasion's tone feels right for you, and complements your style in the best way possible.