Bikini Empire Launches Luxury Spring/Summer Collection with Women of James Bond Theme

05/31/2020 by

Bikini Empire (BE), a Canadian luxury swimwear line, announced the unveiling of its Spring-Summer 2020 eco-friendly, sustainable bikini fashion line. Uniquely styled to accentuate a variety of body types, BE has launched an iconic collection of flattering retro silhouettes inspired by the powerful James Bond "Deserted Island" women of the 1970s.

Bikini Empire, inspired in 2014 by the Canadian duo, entrepreneurs Monica and Kelsey Rush, recently completed a week-long photo and video shoot of "desert island swimwear for the fashion obsessed" in the Dominican Republic. All of BE's swimwear is ethically manufactured using primarily recycled products and responsibly produced in Bali, Indonesia. The 2020 BE swimwear line is sexy, functional, high-fashion, and sweatshop free.

"Our mission is simple: create attractive swimwear that not only looks beautiful but has the added value of promoting a sustainable and ethical message," said Monica and Kelsey. "We wanted to go beyond aesthetics and spread the message: if you wear Bikini Empire swimwear, you are supporting improvement of the environment and ethical business practices. Our goal for Bikini Empire is to be the ultimate desert island bikini; comfortable, sexy and original."

Bikini Empire began with Kelsey's inspiration to create the best bikini she could - one that is not only cute and functional, but also ethically made, stylistic and a "fresh take on classic swimwear." The initial idea has blossomed into a business and full-time jobs for both Kelsey and her twin sister, Monica. Collectively, they work on every aspect of the business together and Bikini Empire is a true collaboration of their creative talents.

Bikini Empire is recognized as a cult-classic and considered a trend-setter in women's luxury swimwear focusing on environmentally friendly and sustainable product development. Bikini Empire moved its production facility to Bali, Indonesia, to meet its commitment to ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing facilities.