Brighten Your Wedding With These Dreamy Lighting Décor Ideas


Are you soon hosting a once-in-a-lifetime wedding? We no longer have to remind you that such an event must run memorably and be one for the books!

Indeed, majestically illuminating your wedding can enhance the entire flow of the event. It can also give way more benefits than you can imagine.

And one of the best ways to brighten your wedding in an unrivaled manner is by using beautiful lighting décor. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating stunning lighting effects, and we’ve collected some of our favorite ideas for you here. From romantic candles to creative lanterns, these lighting décor ideas will transform your wedding venue into a dreamy wonderland! Buckle up!

#1. Let the lanterns float!

If you’re looking for a truly unique lighting décor concept, consider suspending lanterns from the ceiling. This will create a magical and romantic ambiance that your guests will absolutely love. You can also use lanterns to line the aisle or walkway leading to your reception area. For an even more dramatic effect, try hanging them from trees or other structures in your venue.

#2. Produce a string light drapery!

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding, try using string lights. These can be draped around the perimeter of your reception area or wrapped around trees and other features in your venue. String lights are also a great way to brighten up an outdoor wedding space. Just be sure to use weather-resistant lights if you’re planning on having your wedding outdoors.

#3. Starry nights of fairy lights!

Envision a delicate line of sparkling lights that serves as a reflection of the grandeur and splendor of the night sky. This is the breathtaking impact a fairy light-covered ceiling will make on your event. When dazzling fairy lights are arranged in a lovely pattern, a magical atmosphere is unavoidably produced. Fairy lights are thus your best choice if you're looking to upgrade your location and create the ideal setting for an intensely romantic celebration.

#4. Vibe with them candles!

Candles are always a popular lighting décor idea for any wedding ceremony, and for good reason! Candles create a warm and romantic ambiance that is perfect for a wedding.

An aura of desire and affection is immediately established as the warm glow of a gently burning flame flows into space, elevating your special day to a whole new level. Additionally, taper candles may be used as table decorations at the wedding ceremony. They will cast a bright glow across any space, adding even more glitter as it will brighten your wedding day.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a more unique way to use candles, try filling mason jars with candles and suspending them from the ceiling. This will give your reception area a lovely, cozy feeling.

#5. Ain't nothing like a royalty dinner!

Regarding candles, placing candelabras on the sets is yet another elegant option to add an open flame towards the style of your event. This element gives your venue a wonderful fairytale atmosphere in addition to providing romantic illumination.

#6. Let the show-stopping chandeliers come in!

Looking for a way to add some drama to your wedding décor? Chandeliers are always a show-stopping addition to any event. For a truly unique twist on this classic lighting option, try hanging chandeliers from the ceiling or suspending them from trees. This will give your wedding an elegant and luxurious feel.

#7. Don't forget the lighting backdrops!

A lighting backdrop is a great way to brighten up your wedding space and add a touch of glamor. You can use lights to create a stunning focal point behind the head table or dance floor. Backdrops are also a great way to add some drama to an outdoor wedding. Just be sure to use weather-resistant lights if you’re planning on having your wedding outdoors.

Let the pros make these lighting ideas come to life!

These dreamy lighting décor ideas are sure to brighten your wedding and transform your venue into a magical wonderland. But they won't go too far without the help of lighting professionals. Those guys from Blingle! can be a solid asset in this. They can throw in the most suitable set of techniques to your event space and install it properly, all at a friendly cost.

So, whether you’re looking for a unique way to suspend lanterns or wanting to add some sparkling fairy lights, these ideas, together with the help of Blingle!, are sure to make your wedding one to remember. So, don’t forget to consider your lighting when planning your big day!

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