Can You Retire in Style on Your Salary?


If you’ve worked with a financial expert for years before retirement, you should know how you can afford to live. There are some people who are content with living in private and quaint retirement communities while other senior citizens want nothing less than a luxury yacht. IT professionals and even prominent politicians might already have rolling estates by the time that they retire, but there are also those who are graduating schools like Norwich University by the time they are heading into their golden years. With an online military history degree, you should have a few different options available for retiring in luxury.

Retiring in a Castle

Okay, so there aren’t that many castles still available, but if you are fine with going abroad, you can literally live like you are royalty after retirement. There are castles in Ireland, Cairo, Japan, and even in Brazil that are for sale and perfectly functional. You may need to have saved up over a million dollars to live in a luxury castle, but then again you can also find a fixer-upper and live like a queen or king for a lot less.

Living in Luxury

Retiring in style is all about doing less and being seen more. If you have a group of friends that you like to get together with often, you may want to invest in some luxury footwear and designer brand name clothing. Everything from your car to your sunglasses can be made by a well-known designer if you play your cards right and plan for a decadent retirement. Retirees who have an MMH degree can also do a little moonlighting after retirement, as they are capable of making money by going abroad and teaching.

Hiring a Maid and a Butler

If you never splurged on housekeeping, rarely if ever needed to hire a driver and you’d rather not be bothered with picking up after yourself as you get older, you need to be sure that you can afford live-in staff. Seasoned maids and butlers don’t come cheap, but these professionals provide valuable and practical services, as well as give older people companionship. Imagine having someone wake you up and breakfast is already on the table. If after retirement you want someone else to screen your calls, answer the door, and do the washing, you have to save up for housekeeping and butler services.

While it is suggested that you retire with at least a million dollars in your bank account, realize that is the amount of money that is necessary for maintaining a middle-class lifestyle. You might want to save more now and invest as you get older so that you can afford to live stylishly and still have money leftover in your estate. Those who work hard during their formative years really feel that they deserve to live lavishly during retirement. If you have sacrificed during your life to ensure that your children got everything they needed, then you should consider pampering yourself, living decadently, and seeing how the other side live during your retirement.