Captivating Menswear Trends for 2024 from Hive & Colony

02/02/2024 by

The key to a fashion-forward 2024 is making the season's trends your own. The experts at Hive & Colony, a bespoke menswear brand with showrooms across the country, have predicted the trends to watch this year to give men's wardrobes a fresh and fashionable start.

Stylists are shifting toward neutral highlights and energetic warms, with cultivated pastels at the core of the season's colors. This theme continues through tailoring and fabric selections, including soft draping, embellished materials, and knitwear. Complementing the subdued palette, expect bold colors and prints to contrast the unique utilitarian yet preppy tailoring choices.

Brittanie Gigler, Head of Product Development and Design at Hive & Colony: "2024 is the year of bold elegance – an exciting juxtaposition. As a bespoke menswear destination, our team at Hive & Colony is eager to collaborate with clients on making these new design trends their own."

All things new may be the focus, but the classics will never go out of style. Hive & Colony can embrace new techniques and styles for clients eager to change direction, while offering dapper classics with an always perfect fit.

"Switching it up is always exciting, and we understand it isn't everyone's preference. Hive & Colony prioritizes the customer's wants and desires to inform their experience – regardless of the season's trends," said Gigler.

The Hive & Colony journey begins with an appointment at one of their 11 showrooms, where an expert stylist walks each customer through the bespoke process. Visit their website to get started.