Choosing the best eyewear that suits you


Finding eyeglass frames that look amazing on you does not need you to have any prior knowledge or experience in the fashion industry. Finding the perfect frames has never been easier than with FURFURFRIEND. Make use of these four suggestions in order to locate the frames that are most suitable for your own aesthetic.

Face shape 

What kind of shape is your face? Is it round, oval, square, diamond, or heart? Your facial structure is the most important factor to consider when selecting eyewear that will complement your appearance.

Eyeglass frames with a square or rectangular shape often have a larger width than those with a round face. Round Faces This attribute may help your face seem more attractive by giving the impression that it is leaner and longer, so providing symmetry to your round features.

The following types of frames should be avoided: rimless frames, round frames, and tiny frames. These types of frames will exaggerate the roundness of your face, making it seem even rounder.

Oval Face: Eyeglasses with a strong bridge, a frame that is broader than the widest area of the face, and a geometric form are all characteristics of frames that work well with oval faces.

Frames to Avoid:

Eyeglasses that are too big and cover more than half of the wearer's face will disrupt the natural equilibrium and symmetry of an oval face.

Eyeglasses that round out the angles of a square face and rest high on the bridge of the nose are the most flattering choice for those with this facial shape. The angles of a square face may be balanced and given the illusion of being slimmer by wearing eyeglasses that are oval or circular.

Avoid angular and boxy eyeglass frames since they will accentuate your angular features and attract attention to them. This will make a square face look more squarer and bulkier.

Eyeglasses frames that sweep up or are broader than the cheekbones, such as cat eye glasses and oval frames, may be used to draw attention to a narrow forehead and chin on a person with a diamond face shape. These frames will draw attention to the delicate features of your face, particularly your cheekbones.

Frames to Stay Away From:

Boxy and thin frames will attract attention to the narrowness of your features rather than improving them. This is because they will emphasise the breadth of your cheekbones.

Ideal frames for a heart-shaped face have a forehead that is wider than the chin and a chin that is narrower than the rest of the face. Wearing eyeglasses with temples that are positioned low and bottom heavy frame lines will make the smaller area of your face seem wider. Eyeglasses with rounded corners or square frames with rounded corners are two styles that might assist detract attention from a wide and high forehead.

Frames to Stay Away From:

Avoid wearing glasses of any shape or colour that attract attention to the forehead. This includes both frame styles and colours. This comprises frames that have ornamental temples or tops that have embellishments on them Men’s Watches.

Always keep in mind that opposites attract in order to choose the perfect frames for your photos. Choose eyeglasses that stand out against the curves of your face and help create symmetry and equilibrium to the major features on your face. You may virtually test on hundreds of different eyeglass frames at FURFURFRIEND to choose which types look best with your face shape and features.

Think About Wearing Colors That Complement Your Skin

In the same way that the contours of your face may help decide which glasses look best on you, the colour of your skin can do the same thing. Skin tone is the most crucial factor when selecting high fashion eyewear, even more so than hair colour and more definitively than eye colour. Choose the colour that comes closest to matching the colour of your skin:


You have a warm complexion if your skin has a yellow, bronze, or golden undertone to it. Avoid using colours that contrast strongly with one another, such as pastels. Both white and black frames have the opposite effect of being flattering. Instead, the hues light tortoise, browns of several degrees, gold or honey, beige, and olive green are going to look the best on you in a frame.

Calmness of the Skin

A cool complexion is characterised by the presence of pink or blue undertones in the skin. You should stay away from hues that make you seem washed out and go instead for frames in colours like silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve, and grey.

How Well Do Your Frames Reflect Your Personality?

The glasses you choose to put on your face might reveal a lot about your character. You may have a set of spectacles that highlight your serious, business like demeanour during the week, and another pair that promotes your fun-loving, party-loving side for the weekends. You may adorn your face with the colour that you like most (as long as it doesn't conflict with your skin tone), as well as decorations and flair that are elaborate and intricate. You may choose to convey your personality via a single type of frames, or you can have a limited range of frames on hand so that you can simply adjust your look to fit your current state of mind.


There is a perfect pair of eyeglasses frames out there for you! Think about the things you'll be doing while wearing your glasses, and plan accordingly. If you lead an active lifestyle, FURFURFRIEND has you covered with their Flexon frames. These frames are able to twist and flex without breaking. Do you need glasses for gaming? The gaming experience may be improved by providing players with a broad variety of fashionable frame options to pick from. In order to make a good impression on the higher-ups at work, you might complement your business expertise with a style that is reasonable. You'll be able to locate frames at  that have a functionality that corresponds to your way of life.