Courvoisier® Cognac Introduces Sherry Cask-Finish Expression

04/05/2019 by

Courvoisier®, the most awarded cognac house1, officially announces the launch of Courvoisier® Sherry Cask Finish for a limited time. This unique Sherry Cask blend was specifically developed for the U.S. market following its Master's Cask Collection debut in Europe.

"We are thrilled to release Courvoisier Sherry Cask Finish, as this new expression demonstrates our commitment to innovation and quality," said Stephanie Kang, Marketing Director Courvoisier at Beam Suntory. "This new spirit marks the first time a leading Cognac house has released a sherry cask-finished expression."


Courvoisier Sherry Cask Finish begins with an initial blend of liquid that is aged for two to eight years. It is then matured in French limousin oak casks, before it undergoes a second maturation in Sherry casks for a period of at least four months. Courvoisier specifically selected Sherry casks from Southern Spain for their color, intensity and rich sherry notes. The Cognac produces a harmony of toasted almond and honey top notes, with extra rich dried fruit notes and a long-lingering finish.

This limited-edition cognac is 80 proof and available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $39.99 for a 750mL bottle. This spirit is exceptional served neat or in classic cocktails, such as the Sherry Manhattan.

Courvoisier® Sherry Cask Finish 80 Proof


Deep golden


Subtle layering of grilled almonds and honey, with extra rich dried fruits and walnuts.


Full bodied with a light oak wood finish


Sweet and smooth


Long and lingering finish

The House of Courvoisier was founded by Louis Gallois and Emmanuel Courvoisier based on their belief in the power of the collective. Courvoisier implements a true craft approach to its production and remains one of the only Cognac houses that controls the entire production process from grape to glass. It is this conviction that inspired Courvoisier to nurture close relationships with respected artisans and winegrowers to produce its high quality, award-winning Cognac since 1828.  Courvoisier Cognac has several expressions, which appeal to a variety of Cognac preferences and lifestyles, including VS, VSOP, XO, Initiale Extra, and the ultimate expression of the House, L'Essence de Courvoisier.