Creating a Luxury Wine Collection: A Guide


Your love of wine can often make you want to embark on the road of creating an intoxicating wine collection. Often envisioning gleaming glass bottles that are tucked away in wooden shelves can be a very enticing idea. Before this happens, however, you need to start collecting premium wines and finding an area that is suitable to store your ever-growing collection.

It is crucial to consider the two major factors that can affect your wine collecting endeavors: your budget and your lifestyle. In this article, we discuss how to find ones that are suitable for your lifestyle and methods to use when storing them.

Which wines should you collect?

There are always tastes and trends flavors that are in fashion at any given time. While it is very tempting to buy wines following this, it is important to remember that eventually, you will be drinking these wines! For this reason, you should ideally aim to purchase wines that reflect you and your tastes.

Identify which wines and what notes you prefer to help you determine the cause of your collection and create a vetting system that allows you to successfully identify these. It’s important to always taste a single bottle of wine before buying a whole crate of it to store in your cellar or wherever you’re housing it.

Where to store your wine

Not many of us are lucky enough to have enough space to create a bespoke cellar underneath the house to store our much-loved wine collection. Before deciding on an area to store your wine, it is essential to calculate how many bottles you have and where you should store them.

If it is possible, you may be able to designate an area within your home that allows you to store your wine conveniently. If this is not an option, then opting for storage units for wine can be a great way to store your wine safely.

Remember, where you choose to store your collection does not have to be beautiful or fancy. What is important is that you keep it organized. By doing so, it will allow you to track temperature and humidity so that you can keep your wine in an optimum state for drinking and locate bottles of wine more easily.

How long should I store my wine for?

Alcohol has a very volatile nature and therefore it is crucial to know which wines can be stored for longer periods, and exactly how long you should store each wine for before you should drink it.

If you do not carefully assess how long you should be storing your collection for and where, you will miss the optimum period during which you can drink or sell the wine. This may make large chunks of your wine connection invaluable.

Keep in mind that each producer will produce wines that have different criteria to age, and the best way to assess the condition of your wines is to sample them periodically.