Did COVID Cost You Your Vacation? Treat Yourself With Plastic Surgery


COVID-19 struck from out of nowhere last spring. We all worried about our health and the state of the world. But, a lot of us couldn’t help but think, “So… I guess we’re not going to Cabo?”

If you can relate to this, you currently have 2 things: A bit of extra money that you set aside for your vacation, and a burning desire to treat yourself. Why not combine self-care with a bit of self-improvement and put that money towards a plastic surgery procedure?

Today, we will walk you through why COVID-cancelations are sending a new wave of people to get a nose job, a breast augmentation procedure, or liposuction. Click this resource if you’re looking for more information about nose jobs or any other type of plastic surgery.

But, if you’re still on the fence, this is why you should treat yourself.

Society is Grounded

Despite everything that happened in 2020, you are allowed to be mad about losing your vacation plans. Really mad, actually.

Countless people lost their much-needed chance to de-stress, then got a whole new level of stress dumped on their laps thanks to the coronavirus. Other people had to cancel their destination weddings and had to settle for something in their backyard.

A lot of people are taking that money and putting it towards cosmetic procedures that they have always wanted to get. The plastic surgery industry is experiencing a mini-boom because of it. People now have the opportunity and the means to finally get Botox, liposuction, or breast augmentation surgery.

Recover From Home

The current work-from-home-world also means that you have a unique opportunity to get a procedure, and recover from it, without using any vacation days.

Depending on the procedure, you will typically need a few days to recuperate after surgery. If you had to be in the office 5 days a week, you would probably have to use vacation days to recover.

But now, you can dial in remotely and work as normal, while banking your vacation days for whenever the world returns to normal.

Lipo for the Quarantine 15

The combination of not being able to go to the gym and indulging in a little bit too much stress eating has created a phenomenon called the Quarantine 15. You may soon find yourself with a few extra pounds, without the time or the gym to burn it off.

This means that more people are looking into body contouring procedures like liposuction, or something non-surgical like VelaShape or CoolSculpting. These procedures are more affordable than you think and can help you regain your pre-COVID shape.

2020 has been awful. If you have made it this far with some of your sanity left, you deserve a treat.

COVID-19 took away your chance to rest and recharge, right when you needed it the most. So, why not spend that money on something that will help you enter the New Year with a new level of confidence?

You deserve it.