Empty Legs Listing Announced by Private Jet Charter Company New Flight Charters

12/18/2018 by

New Flight Charters, a nationwide leader in private jet charter and the most accredited jet U.S. charter broker, announces the largest public listing of empty legs in the jet charter industry.  The company now is listing over 200 upcoming and available empty legs from U.S. private charter aircraft.

Empty Legs
Also known as "dead-heads" or "ferry flights", empty legs are flights without passengers on board when an aircraft needs to be moved.  Often a private charter jet will have empty leg flights associated with an existing flight schedule - when it needs to move to another location to start a charter, or return back to base after completing a charter, or similar situations for its owner flights. 

These empty legs, when an aircraft needs to fly a certain direction, can be a unique opportunity for a discounted jet charter.  Aircraft can be re-routed to accommodate a charter flight need.  For example, an empty leg from Houston to Denver can be rerouted for a Dallas to Aspen charter at a lower than normal cost.

Empty Leg Pricing
Rates will vary since each empty leg charter is unique, but pricing is typically 30-50% lower than standard charter quotes. 

Examples from the current Empty Legs Listing of over 200 flights include:

Van Nuys, CA – Aspen, CO, Citation X, super midsize jet, December 12-14$13,500
Pontiac, MI – Fort Myers, FL, Citation Bravo light jet, December 14$7,900
White Plains, NY – Palm Beach, FLGulfstream G200, super midsize jet, December 15-16$15,250
Scottsdale, AZ – San Diego, CA, Citation X super midsize jet, December 19$3,500
Bedford, MA – Miami, FL, Learjet 45 midsize jet, December 19-24$10,500
Jackson Hole, WY – Denver, CO, Citation Excel midsize jet, December 26$5,500
Chicago, IL – Teterboro, NJ, Challenger 604 large jet, December 30$9,900
Sun Valley, ID – Teterboro, NJ, Falcon 50 super midsize jet, December 27-28$24,500

"When an empty leg matches up with a flight need, there is no better value in private flying," commented Rick Colson, New Fight Charters' president.  "With with the largest aircraft resource of 7,598 in the U.S., New Flight Charters can custom-source ideal options for any aircraft type, ratings or amenities, for any requested charter, and with a best-price guarantee."

Floating Fleets
A second attractive and lower cost solution are floating fleets.  The fastest-growing segment in private jet charter are non-based "floating fleet" aircraft with better point-to-point, one-way pricing.  These can be available for all types of flying, from shorter one-hour flights to coast-to-coast and international flights.  Floating Fleet aircraft do not have to return to a base, and thus can be more cost-effective charter options.

435 floating fleet jets from 39 operators are available nationwide through New Flight Charters; all sizes from light jets to ultra long-range jets such as the Global 5000.  Charter quotes for these floating fleet aircraft are typically 15-30% less than traditional based aircraft. 

Any requested charter need can be fully customized for aircraft, size, type, and amenities along with desired ratings or registrations from ARGUSÒ, Wyvern Ltd.Ò, IS-BAO or the Air Charter Safety Foundation.