Essentia Launches New Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress: Essentia's Latest Innovation for Health

04/16/2024 by

Essentia Organic Mattress, a pioneer in eco-luxury mattresses, proudly announces the launch of its newest Lifestyle mattress the Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress, just in time for Earth Month. Crafted with pride, this new addition to Essentia's lineup epitomizes the brand's unwavering dedication to superior quality, eco-conscious design, and accessibility.

For nearly two decades, Essentia has been at the forefront of sleep innovation, continuously redefining comfort and well-being in the sleep industry. Founded in 2005 by Jack Dell'Accio, the brand has become synonymous with cutting-edge technologies, including its patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam, setting new standards for organic mattress comfort.

The Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress underscores Essentia's commitment to offering individuals the healthiest and most competitively priced mattresses available. Engineered with a unique blend of organic latex foam, this mattress provides a medium feel ideal for those seeking support, contouring, and optimal resilience. Built entirely from latex, the Grateful Eight exemplifies Essentia's unwavering commitment to quality and durability, featuring certified organic materials and an innovative, spring-free, hypoallergenic design that excludes wool and fiber batting. The Grateful Eight chemical free mattress delivers unparalleled value without compromising on quality or comfort.

"In today's era, where health-conscious consumers are increasingly mindful of the toxins present in their everyday environment, including the mattresses they spend over eight hours on, it's imperative to offer a healthier choice," explains Jack Dell'Accio, Founder of Essentia Organic Mattress. "We're delighted to introduce the Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress as a solution for those seeking a mattress that prioritizes their health and wellness, all while being accessible in terms of pricing."

As Essentia commemorates its 19th anniversary, the launch of the Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress signifies yet another milestone in the brand's journey of innovation and dedication to providing individuals with an unparalleled sleep experience.

The Grateful Eight Organic Latex Mattress is available for purchase, showcasing Essentia's steadfast commitment to its mission of transforming the way individuals sleep.

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