Fairfields Rum of the Americas Enters US Market with First Bottling of the Evolution of Rum

12/28/2023 by

Fairfields Rum of the Americas, founded by entrepreneurs Frank Klein and Joy Branford, released their first bottling of rum made from ingredients sourced throughout the Americas. 

Fairfields first release offers a dry, light and refreshing rum as an evolution of rum for rum drinkers and a new go-to-spirit alternative for tequila and vodka drinkers. The founders and team painstakingly worked to create a unique blend of agricole and molasses distillations to produce a sippable rum that is also great in craft cocktails. Fairfields uses the tagline 'if you like your tequila, you will love our rum.'

"Our vision was to create a rum where you could just smash some fruit or citrus on the bottom of a glass (or not), add ice and drink with friends or just make a simple three ingredient cocktail.  A daiquiri was a margarita with rum before a margarita was a margarita and we are going back to those roots," states Frank Klein, Co-Founder and CEO.

Klein continues, "Joy Branford, my business partner in this journey, was born in St. Lucia, and raised in Brooklyn. When we worked long hours in the hotel business, we drank a lot of post-shift rum from all over the world. We dreamed of making a dry rum made in the USA, created from ingredients sourced from the Americas and that was clear as rainwater with a refreshingly crisp taste. We believe quality rum, with all its complexities and nuances, should go toe to toe with tequila and vodka for being a go-to-spirit. 

Fairfields Rum of the Americas is already garnering high praise from those in the know.  Ryan Magarin, Founder of Aviation Gin and a rum and spirits distiller raved: "You landed a great balance with a fresh light rum of complexity and easy drinkability.  Hard balance to get and you did it.  Congrats on that."    Owner and acclaimed chef of restaurant 29 Markle Ct, Damon Sawyer, adds: "Fairfields is a great rum for our clients who want a smooth yet flavorful rum for cocktails or a clear spirit to enjoy on the rocks."

The product line starts with the classic dry white rum retailing at $28.99, per 750ml, and is currently available across the Connecticut region as well as soon to be shipped to thirty-five states. Currently it's featured on cocktail programs at premier restaurants and bars that focus on ingredient driven craft cocktails.  "We will be launching into major retailers, NY, NJ, MA, and CA in 2024 and releasing our Reserve sherry-cask finished 8-year aged dark rum," Klein said.

According to Persistence Market Research the US and global rum markets are poised for impressive growth with preferences for transparently made spirits and premium rums that are aged.  While rum is a nearly $2.5 billion annual market in the US, Klein points out that Fairfields attracts vodka and tequila drinkers, expanding Fairfields' potential market to roughly $20 billion dollars annually.  Globally, rum continues to grab market share and ultra-premium products like Fairfields Reserve Dark Rum which will be entering into the expansive market of brown spirits.

According to data released by CGA by NielsenIQ "rum's versatility in cocktails have helped pull in new drinkers and the successful positioning of premium brands has encouraged a lot of people to trade up from mainstream options."  Included in their data release it was noted that rum has overtaken on-premise whiskey sales in the UK and that rums performance in the past few years has been "phenomenal."

Fairfields Rum of the Americas was founded by Frank Klein and Joy Branford and supported by Overdrive Ventures which is led by investor Ray Potter. The company is based in Fairfield, Connecticut.