Famous Women Who Are Cigar Aficionados


While cigars have long been associated with luxury and refinement, having a real passion for them, and being able to tell the finest cigars apart, is something that for most of the 20th century was associated with men. While women would sometimes be shown smoking cigars in glamorous golden age Hollywood pictures, the image of a woman with a cigar was used perhaps because it was more unusual at that time, and told us something about the actress or character – that she was unconventional or had some traditionally masculine traits.

Now, cigar smoking is something that plenty of women enjoy, and as you might expect from something that can be a somewhat expensive interest, famous women are now regularly photographed with a cigar in hand.

Here are some of today's celebrity women who have been shown to enjoy fine cigars and cigar accessories like those found at thecigarcafe.com.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block has regularly been spotted at high profile events and exclusive clubs enjoying a cigar, and it certainly fits with her flashy, diva image. J-Lo has been a star since the '90s, with a back catalog of hit songs including Waiting For Tonight, On The Floor, and My Love Don't Cost A Thing, as well as appearing in movies like Maid in Manhattan.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Perhaps best known for her role as Elaine in classic sitcom Seinfeld, though more recently for her performance on Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has long been known to be a fan of cigars, and as well as smoking them in her normal life, has also been shown smoking cigars on TV in some of her roles.


A singer with a tough but luxurious image, Rihanna, who comes from Barbados, can be seen smoking cigars with other pop superstar Shakira in the video for their collaboration I Can't Remember To Forget You'. The scene in the video reflects Rihanna's well documented fondness for smoking cigars in real life.

Elle McPherson

Known in the '90s as 'The Body', supermodel Elle has been featured in movies, had a fairly long running role in the sitcom Friends, and has had a number of successful business ventures later in her career. The Australian has been photographed posing with cigars for fashion shoots, but has also revealed that she really enjoys a good cigar off camera, too.

Dita Von Teese

Burlesque fashion icon Dita von Teese is all about bringing back retro glamor with a modern twist, and it is no surprise that she finds a cigar to be a great accessory to her trademark sexy look. She has been photographed on nights out blowing perfect rings of smoke as she enjoys a high quality cigar with friends.

As you can see, women from all areas of entertainment, from comedy actresses to supermodels, pop stars to burlesque trendsetters, all see the luxury and appeal in smoking high end cigars.

What do you think about cigar smoking? Is it an attractive thing for celebrity women to do? Let us know in the comments.