Fashion Brands for a Luxury Lifestyle


As a reader here at Luxury Lifestyle, you’re probably always looking for the finer things in life. Whether that’s a car, a watch or the latest tech gadget that you simply have to own. In this article, we’ll be catering to some of the brands that appeal to those living the high life.


This brand is all about taking the ordinary and making it one of a kind. You probably own trainers, but this brand takes this concept and takes it to a whole new level. They create designs that are wearable while still retaining elements of the high fashion trends that we see on the runway.

A Balenciaga hoodie is a great item to have in your wardrobe to show sophistication and still be comfortable. The overstated logo will ensure that everyone knows who you’re wearing and the quality speaks for itself.

They successfully combine modern, comfortable designs with that luxury element that we love to see. If you want to wear a luxury brand, while still feeling true to your own style, this is a great one to start with. Luxury fashion doesn’t always have to be about stiff clothes or uncomfortable shoes!

Saint Laurent

This brand has been popular for many years now and they continue to pioneer new fashion trends. This house of style has been influencing our high streets in many ways but if you want to wear the trend first then you have to go right to the source.

A Saint Laurent T-shirt is probably one of the best investments that you can make for your wardrobe. These are versatile enough to wear every day, whether you’re going to a formal event or something a bit more casual. While it may not be something you want to buy in every colour, a couple of these will add the luxury flair to your collection.

This quintessentially French brand take form and function into consideration, creating styles that look incredible while still being practical. With celebrities fighting for these styles on the red carpet, this brand oozes luxury.


We can’t talk about luxury fashion without mentioning this brand! In their most recent collections they’re taking us back to the 80s with big accessories and bold prints. While this might not be to your tastes, it’s an unmistakable look to say the least.

Their brown and green accessories have also been proving popular, with high street stores attempting to replicate the look. This brand is definitely one that can create a print that would look tacky and turn it into an elegant clutch.

The roots of this fashion house go all the way back to 1921, so it’s safe to say they create timeless designs. Some of their vintage items fetch millions at auction, with buyers eager to own a piece of fashion history. They’re still pioneering in the modern day too, so it’s always exciting to see what they’re bringing to the catwalk.


This brand is breathing a lot of life back into the fashion industry, with fun and flirty styles. They started to become popular for their bags, but now their women’s fashion dominates the runway. As with most of their styles, their clothing is all about showing femininity in a new way.

This makes their styles perfect for the warmer months, or for anyone that wants a feeling of luxury in their day to day wear. They also design for children too, using some of the same patterns and influences as their adult wear. This makes for kitschy clothing that kids actually enjoy wearing, which is no mean feat.

Their bags are a great addition to any luxury collection and they’re becoming ever more recognisable. SSense love the Chloe backpack and they stock many of the most popular styles for their customers to pick from. These backpacks are quickly becoming the most visible pieces for this brand.

Off White

Street style is everywhere nowadays and this brand really stands out. Founded by Virgil Abloh, the ethos is to fit into a grey area in fashion, hence the name Off White. Based in Milan and debuting at Paris Fashion Week, this brand has exploded onto the luxury fashion scene. Abloh has since went on to become Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton, where he continues to express his own style.

This brand really does toe the line between high fashion and the clothes that real people are wearing. If you have an interest in street style already, then this brand can help you to elevate that further. With hoodies and long line T-shirts, they really bring an interesting facet to the world of high fashion.

So there you have it, luxury fashion comes in many different forms, it’s up to you to decide which appeals to you. Then it’s time for a shopping spree!