Finding Luxury Accommodation When Going Off To College


The time spent in college can be one of the most influential periods of your life, impacting your future and helping you develop into the individual you’ll be later on. While there might be a lot of excitement involved, and you might be eager to embark on this new journey, going away from home also comes with quite a few challenges. Many things will change in your life, and the entire transition can be often overwhelming. This is why, you need to plan everything carefully in advance and to handle a few aspects that will give you the chance to make your move as easy on yourself as possible. One important decision you will need to make before setting off is choosing accommodation. Perhaps you are used to certain living arrangements and you would want your new college home to provide you with the same luxury comfort. To come across an offer that suits your needs and desires, here’s what you will have to do:

Single or shared accommodation?

First, you should start by thinking about your needs and your expectations. How do you picture your life in college? Would you like to go for the whole roommate experience, or would you prefer living on your own? While sharing a flat with one or more students might be fun, if you are seeking the type of living arrangements that can be characterized as luxurious, shared accommodation might just not be for you. If you like things to be organized a certain way, or have certain daily routines that you want to stick to, living alone may be the better alternative. However, don’t rush into making a decision, take your time to weigh in all the pros and cons and reach a conclusion you will not regret later on.

Request assistance - collaborate with an estate agent

Although nowadays, so many places available for renting are advertised through classified platforms or other similar sites, without the help of a realtor who knows the local real estate market, it will be a bit more difficult to come across that ideal student accommodation type. Because this is a region you are not familiar with, there are various details that might inconvenience you, such as knowing how much a flat would cost, or where the most luxurious buildings are found. Because you have decided that you want to maintain the same living comfort as back home and you have high expectations, requesting assistance with your search is recommended. An experienced and reliable real estate agent will point you in the right direction. They will most likely know about the “hottest” offers at the moment and find you an option that ticks off all the boxes. Nowadays, some realtors work via platforms, where photographs and details about great rental offers are being posted regularly, giving you the chance to get a glimpse of potential accommodation from home - the right platform houses the best of everything for students in the area.

Be prepared to pay a bit more - consider your budget

Luxurious will automatically mean more expensive. If you want to access comfort, amenities, aesthetical appeal and other factors of this kind, you will need to be prepared to pay a bit more than the average student. Think about your budget with precise care before starting to look for offers. Remember that you shouldn’t be spending your entire monthly budget on accommodation solely, so stick to options you can actually afford.

Location shouldn’t be neglected

As luxurious as a rental might look like and as many upgrades as it may have, if it’s situated in an inconvenient location, you should go in another direction with your choice. Living a comfortable lifestyle means you shouldn’t have to waste too much of your time from home to university and you should have easy access to your desired amenities. When you are browsing through offers, make sure to set location as a top selection priority. If the city where you will be studying is completely unfamiliar to you, you should also do your research and discover which areas are the closest to university, which neighborhoods are less friendly and other similar details of this kind. Being thoroughly informed will allow you to make a suitable choice. If you have in fact decided to collaborate with a realtor for the accommodation hunt, they will be able to point you towards the most convenient locations to live, so take their advice as well.

Are you planning on making any changes? Talk to the landlord about policies

Last but not least, because the accommodation you will decide on is less likely to come with all the interior features you desire, perhaps making a few changes around the premises might be something you will wish to do. Adding new shelves, changing lighting fixtures, or perhaps even painting the walls in another color are projects you might want to pursue in your new college home. Well, considering that some rental buildings come with strict regulations, discuss with the landlord from the start about your requirements in this department. Make sure you have access to a flexible policy on small remodels and changes if you are planning to customize the place to your liking.

Going away to college doesn’t mean you have to give up on the high-standard lifestyle you have been used to back at home, it just means you need to be attentive of a few details. Because the place where you will be living for the next few years can influence your entire experience more than you would expect, knowing what to look for and how to find the right options is essential. You have the possibility of benefiting from the luxury accommodation you desire if you follow a few simple tips. Use these pointers to your advantage when you are hunting for rentals, and you’ll likely come across a place that you can easily make it feel like home.