Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Launches 2020 Seeds of Beauty Campaign

06/28/2020 by

Fleurs de Prairie, the premium rosé wine, is on a mission to help make the world a more beautiful place with their second annual Seeds of Beauty Campaign. Now accepting applications, Seeds of Beauty aims to celebrate individual creators by providing financial support and mentorship. Amidst a time of unprecedented uncertainty, the campaign looks to fuel creative spirits and encourage passionate artisans who create beauty in their communities through art, design, food, writing and beyond. The campaign is a natural extension of the Fleurs de Prairie brand, which is named after the beautiful fields of wildflowers that create the famous beauty of the Provence region. 

"Fleurs de Prairie rosé is a tribute to the splendor of Provence, and Seeds of Beauty recognizes and supports individuals who are using their passion and talent to make the world a more beautiful place," says Martha Dzwonkowski, Brand Manager of Fleurs de Prairie. "Now more than ever, we are excited to support creators who are powered by kindness, strengthened by generosity and inspired by beauty."

Beginning today, Fleurs de Prairie invites creators and artisans to apply for seed grants by illustrating what their passions are and how they spread beauty in their own unique way. The brand also wants to understand how they plan to use the seed money to help grow their business. Fleurs de Prairie will select three creators who embody the brand's mission and supply each of them with $5,000 grants to help fund their endeavors. In addition, Fleurs de Prairie will support the winners through the #FleurishTogether Mentorship Program, led by marquee ambassadors Grace Atwood of The Stripe and Bad on Paper podcast, Hayet Rida of HayetRida.com and The Rida Collective, and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight. They will provide one-on-one business lessons and offer guidance on how to grow and propel the winners' careers.

Part of the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits portfolio, Fleurs de Prairie is a premium rosé wine sourced from Provence, one of the most celebrated wine regions in France. The wine reflects the beauty of the region and the brand believes in celebrating and supporting those creating beauty in their own communities.  In 2019, the Seeds of Beauty campaign proudly recognized three creators, Alli Koch of Alli K DesignCarolyn Brown, Founder of The Crown Collective, and Erika Wasser, Founder of Glam+Go, who exemplified Fleurs de Prairie's brand values.