Focus on: kitchens’ back panels A space to be equipped and furnished with Arredo3 proposals

02/17/2024 by

The equipped back panels are the perfect solution for exploiting the space between the base units and the kitchen wall units. Designed to have everything at hand, they offer shelves and hooks where to store accessories, utensils and even decorative elements, aromatic herbs or recipe books, so as to free up the 
work surface, without giving up a touch of style.

Arredo3 offers various types of equipped back panels, created to exploit every space especially in small kitchens, where it is important to make every centimeter functional, or to give dynamism to the kitchen. The company proposes very diversified solutions, starting from simple accessorised bars, such as the under-cabinet and luminous Kos ones, also with hooks, shelves and roll holders, and Sign which can be developed horizontally or vertically with open aluminum modules, hooks, shelves and glass holders up to very complex compositions.

Refined magnetic back panels in ceramic or glass

The kitchen back panel, designed for protecting walls against splashes when preparing foods, has turned into a precious space that can be conveniently equipped as required, to keep the worktop tidy and to have everything on hand without occupying the top’s operating surface. Among the various proposals available, the ceramic magnetic back panels are certainly very refined, as well as useful, easy to use and perfect for having a personalised arrangement and for people who like to change regularly. They are available in eight Laminam® finishes – attractive ecosustainable ceramic slabs that are also practical, anti-scratch and sturdy, or in glass, glossy or matt, in different colours.

In both cases, back panels are available in the single version or in the elegant Duetto version consisting of two slightly overlapping panels. Plus, it is also  possible to integrate a built-in extractor hood or lighting solutions with the Smart Moving system that adjusts the brightness via sensors which allow to turn the  light on or off and manage its intensity with just the movement of your hands.

To complete the kitchen with style, it is also possible to choose accessories of the Origami collection: single shelves or double-shelf racks, ideal for keeping spice 
jars, small containers and bottles, as well as shelves for wine glasses, ladles or kitchen rolls, spice racks, iPad holders and hooks. The various magnetic lements can be combined to create different solutions each time: this makes it very easy to personalise the area and modify it whenever you required. 

Everything in order with the Mover backrest

Mover is the Arredo3 back panel that allows to keep everything in order behind the sink and hob. It is designed to let you move freely among the cooking area and to have everything on hand. Available in different dimensions, the Mover module is made up of a vertical sliding door that moves downwards with a simple movement of the hand and opens onto a space that can be used as desired. Single or paired, it can be organised with various accessories, such as ordinary and special shelves, Modus equipped channels and electrified sockets. On request, it can also be equipped with a luminous back panel.

The Mover module can be fitted on Glass 2.0 kitchens with Quadra integrated grip or protruding grip, both made of aluminium, and on the Kronos model with aluminium integrated handle for an extremely clean effect.

Sintesi back panels

The Sintesi back panels, designed exclusively for Arredo3, have a structure in 100% recyclable aluminium, available in champagne, black, titanium or metal, which defines the side panels and anti-tipping rods. Back panels and shelves can be realised in numerous laminate, veneer and recycled PET finishes. In this last option, the back panels become a composition with a minimalist aesthetic, part of the ecosustainable Gaia Range. They can be designed in ever-changing compositions, positioned above the top, under the cabinet and as a tall unit on the floor, also equipped with integrated light.

The Open back panels are designed to equip the space between base units and wall units, for over-the-counter and floor-standing solutions, with a notable visual impact, and also on the island. They have a black aluminum structure and the back panel is available in numerous finishes in laminate, PET, veneer, Alkorcell and in versions of the eco-sustainable Gaia Range that make the panels completely eco-friendly: Laminam ceramic slabs, ribbed glass or travi veneered, made up of 100% post-consumer recycled travi. The Open back panels are also customizable thanks to a wide range of accessories, such as shelves, trays, hooks, LEDs, holders for glasses or kitchen rolls or tablets, to meet very different needs.