Getting Married Over Video: What Couples Need To Know


The past few months have been strange and stressful for almost everyone, especially couples who have had their longed-for wedding postponed or even cancelled.

As the USA prepares to ease out of the lockdown, many couples face agonising decisions about whether to host a ceremony and if they do, who they feel safe to invite.

One quirky alternative to a physical ceremony is a video wedding. State Governors from across the USA have passed laws to allow couples to get married over video, so you can invite friends and family from across the country and around the world.

If you're considering getting married over video and sharing your special day with your loved ones remotely, then read on to find out everything you need to know about this innovative new approach to weddings.

The Rules Are Different In Every State

Every state has different rules, regulations and laws, so it's crucial that you check what your state allows and what it doesn't before you plan your video wedding. If your wedding ceremony isn't correct, your marriage won't be legal, and you could even end up paying a hefty fine for breaking the shelter in place regulations if you invite a minister to your home when it's against the rules.

Consult your state's government website to find out what the rules are, and if in doubt, consult your minister. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action so that you can enjoy a fun, socially distanced and completely legal video wedding.

Priorities Will Change

With your wedding now taking place over video, you need to adjust your priorities. Food and entertainment are no longer the most important factors: now, you need to consider the details that you'll be able to share with your guests and what they'll be looking for from your video wedding.

One unusual focal point will be the ring; guests won't just get a flash of it, they'll expect a close-up shot, and might even query the providence of the gem and the style and design of the band itself. If you’re going to be saving money on the venue anyway, why not indulge in a more high-end ring for your partner? If you can’t go ring shopping in person right now, you can source a quality diamond engagement or wedding ring from a bespoke jeweler that focuses on creating exquisite pieces. For instance, if you visit the custom designers at you’ll find stunning GIA Certified diamonds, lab-created diamonds and sapphires for wedding and engagement rings, so you can create the perfect ring to gift to your partner and show off at your video wedding ceremony.

Only The Top Half Of Your Outfit Will Be Seen

Unless you are planning on hosting an outdoor video wedding, you will probably spend the entirety of your ceremony sat down. As a result, your guests will only be able to see the top half of your outfit.

If you already have a wedding dress and suit, then you could consider making the most of them and wearing them anyway. However, if you've not purchased your wedding attire, then you should consider saving money by investing in quality clothes for your top halves. You can then wear any style of pants- just make sure that you wear them to avoid an embarrassing accident during your video wedding!

Thank Yous And Personal Messages Will Be Essential

After the ceremony, you might not see your guests for many days or even weeks, so it's vital that you show them that you're grateful for their presence at your video wedding.

Consider sending a wedding thank you card, or a gift such as flowers, which you can order online and have delivered to their house. This small gesture will show that both of you apricate your guests and their support during these trying and uncertain times.

Getting married is an exciting experience, and just because the Coronavirus pandemic has stalled your grandiose plans, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a unique and enjoyable wedding. This article should help you to understand what getting married over video means for you and how you can plan the perfect virtual ceremony.