Gifts for Life

04/26/2022 by

For many, the time will soon come: School is finally over and done with. Time to throw away the textbooks and receive those report cards. University exams will also have been successfully passed, dissertations defended, degrees conferred. As a young person, the moment when these efforts bear fruit is an exhilarating one. Pride, freedom, a desire to try new things: Parents and grandparents want to reward success and give something that will last a lifetime. In the past, young people were often given a mechanical watch as a gift. This beautiful tradition was forgotten when quartz watches took their place, then cellphones and travel. Now this custom is making a comeback—and trending. Because mechanical watches are not only sustainable, durable and handmade, they are also stable in terms of value and solid companions for future careers. Watches like these are enduring. 

Watch manufacturer NOMOS Glashütte produces wristwatches for exactly this purpose: The Club Campus series. Classic, durable, valuable, yet young. High-precision manufacture movements are packaged in robust and sporty stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass cases. The movements: manually wound or automatic; always mechanical. A nice touch: On the watch back there is space for 88 characters—a message from mom, congratulations from grandpa, Aunt Liz’s phone number. The Glashütte manufactory engraves all watches on request.