Give Dad a real gift -Whisky

05/15/2021 by

It happens every June. Father’s Day is quickly approaching and you are wandering aimlessly through your local department store. Back away from the ugly ties. It’s time to give Dad something he will really appreciate—whisky, and 10th Street Distillery has you covered. The Summer Pinot Noir Cask release is a taste explosion, or if Dad is more of a cocktail guy, 10th Street has a kit for that. Here’s the skinny…
Pinot Noir Cask Finish Whisky
The summer release has spent time in two different casks. This peated single malt started its life in first used bourbon casks. The whisky magicians at 10th Street then let the whisky finish in a local Pinot Noir cask. The result is a fruit bomb at 50% ABV. Here are some tasting notes to give you an idea of what to expect from this special release:

Color: melted cherry Otter Pop
Nose: strawberries, wild berry flambe, kirschwasser, Werther’s original, black forest cherry yogurt
Palate: whole nectarines, red plums, cloves, standing on your slip in a busy marine, sea air, yacht fumes, raw visceral peat tampered by tart berries
Finish: camphor smoked Peking duck, toasted sourdough with huckleberry jam, raspberry saison
The retail for this offering is $72. You can find it on our website or check with your local retailer. 
10th Street Cocktail Kit
Nothing says summer like a cocktail on the back deck and 10th Street has made it easy with their new limited release cocktail kit. Till Father’s Day we are including pairings and sparkling water for making Highballs. Mix the perfect Highball with our best-selling California Coast Blended Whisky. If you prefer your whisky straight, there are five other whiskies to choose from in this kit. Our favorite pairings of sea salt potato chips and chocolate are also included to make life easier. Along with the whiskies, sparkling water and tasty snacks, there are cards with tasting notes as well as that Highball recipe. All you need is a glass! There are six 50 ml whiskies included in the kit. Here they are:

•    California Coast Blended Whisky (42% ABV)
•    Distiller’s Cut Peated Single Malt (44% ABV)
•    Peated Single Malt (46% ABV)
•    STR Single Malt (46% ABV)
•    Peated Single Malt Wine Cask Finish (50% ABV)
•    Peated Single Malt Cask Strength (55% ABV)
The cocktail kit retails for $35, if picked up at the distillery in San Jose, or can be shipped in the state of California for $45. 
If you are curious about other 10th Street offerings please visit our website and check out the full lineup of our whiskies. We are sure you will find something to make your Dad (or anyone else) very happy. 

The products of 10th Street Distillery are available at retailers across California and can also be purchased on the 10th Street website.