Give Your Large Breed Pooch The Perfect Gift - An Orthopedic Dog Bed


Everyone knows how important mattresses are for your comfort, your sleep, and your overall health. Many mattress manufacturers make custom-fit beds according to your preferences and comfort needs. According to experts, heavier people need a sturdier, fuller-filled mattress to ease pressure points during sleep. Anyone who suffers from osteoporosis or joint inflammation will also tell you that an orthopedic mattress makes for a better night’s sleep. If you’re buying a loved one the gift of better sleep this holiday season, why would your large breed dog deserve anything different?

A large breed orthopedic bed is the answer to your pet's sleep health and comfort. Dogs are tough on beds. They scratch at the fabric, drag them around, and get them dirtier than you'd like. A large breed dog needs lots of room, and older dogs need more support, and that's why it is imperative for them to have sturdy, washable beds that are still comfortable and help fend of skeletal problems.

Vets have found that older large dogs suffer more than smaller breeds from arthritis, bone disease, and chronic health problems and they also agree that the use of orthopedic beds for large breeds may actually prevent these ailments. 

As you shop for your dog's new bed this holiday season, a memory foam large breed orthopedic bed will give your pet maximum support. According to clinical studies on canine sleep, a flat, rectangular bed seems to be the best fit — especially for bigger dogs. The fuller the mattress, the better for support.


Of course, a bed should be good for the dog’s owner as well. When shopping, check for washable material, and if you're really picky about dirt, you will want a darker color of fabric rather than light, which will reveal every stain more markedly. Industrial-strength materials include canvas, micro-fibers, and Cordura, known for its durability and resistance to tears and scuff marks — always remember the wear that your dog will cause. 

Don't forget the pillow! Many specialty bed retailers (such as Mammoth Outlet) offer quality orthopedic pillows that are custom made for your exact breed and size of dog, which allows you to rest easy knowing your pet is getting the best rest possible. Our pets are part of our families. They give us so much in return for our care of them: unconditional love, protection, loyalty, and a dedicated running companion! On a farm, they herd and act as security guards for our property and for any intruders. Large breed dogs also work with officials to participate in rescue teams. There is no other way we can give back to these wonderful creatures more than to reciprocate and care for their comfort during sleep. 

A large breed dog bed provider experienced in offering comfort to our canine family members can be trusted to provide the best quality and comfort for our pets. Researching testimonials on websites such as those at Mammoth Outlet prove this dedication. Be sure to shop carefully and wisely for these special creatures in your life — it's all about love!