Grand Entrances: Make Every Arrival Feel Like An Occasion


When it comes to properties, the more impressive the entrance, the better. Sweeping balconies and marble floors make it feel like a special occasion every time you walk inside. 

But what, specifically, can you do to give your entrance a luxe feel? How can you transform it from a basic “hallway” into something grand, befitting of the rest of your property? 

Add A Gentle Door Chime

You can elevate your grand entrance area by adding a gentle door chime. You want something that sounds different from run-of-the-mill buzzers, highlighting the elevated experience your property provides. 

Add A Plush Rug

While hard floors are luxurious, adding a plush rug can help your home feel more inviting to guests. Softness underfoot is a naturally homely sensation. 

Go for a Persian rug with ruffled edges. These add texture to grand spaces, preventing them from feeling hollow or unloved. 

Include Railings

Unsplash - CC0 License

If stairs wind down into your grand entrance, be sure to add railings. Plenty of railing companies have bespoke options that can take your home to the next level. 

While designers know it intuitively, railings in hallways seem to work flawlessly. Black wrought iron or modern steel and glass, it doesn’t matter. Both elevate the entrance area and add a sense of detail and care to the space. 

Include A Photo Gallery

You might also want to include a photo gallery in your grand entrance to provide guests with some context and history. It can be fun seeing ancestors or family past-times. You can also include various achievements, such as winning a sporting competition or getting your degree. Anything you add should tell a story before people move deeper into your home. 

Use Motion-Activated Lighting

Flicking a light switch is so twentieth-century. That’s why many luxury estates now feature motion-activated lighting in the grand entryway. 

You can also motion-activate many other home features, including diffusers and thermostats. Having these adjust to your settings as soon as you walk through the door makes you feel like a billion dollars. 

Add Some Plants

You might also want to add some plants to your entryway to give it a luxurious feel. Indoor shrubs and trees are instantly indicative of opulence, while also offering soothing vibes. 

The most dramatic way to include indoor plants is to construct a herb wall fed by hydroponics systems. These look like a wall of green and immediately catch their eye. Pairing them with an indoor waterfall makes them even more impressive and serene, transforming your grand ballroom into an oasis. 

Include A Guestbook

You might also want to include an open guest book on a small side table with a fountain pen to greet people as they arrive. Visitors can sign in and out (not because of fire safety or risk assessments), but purely because it is worth recording events like staying with you. Make sure the guest book is purpose-made and leather-bound for an extra touch of quality. You could even include an optional quill and ink for guests to use.