Great Luxury Watches That Incorporate Modern Technology


When thinking of luxury watches, names such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Richard Mille might be the first to come to mind. When thinking of smartwatches, you’d likely refer to those made by tech giants such as Apple and Samsung. Each has their own place in the watch industry and their own advantages.

Luxury watches are synonymous with flawless design, intricate movements, and price tags comparable to that of supercars. Smartwatches, on the other hand, have more industrial designs and focus on providing as much function as possible while still looking like a conventional watch.

But, what if you want the best of both worlds? These days, you can get exactly that. Respected Swiss watchmakers are also getting into the smartwatch game and their creations are absolutely jaw-dropping. If you’re looking for high-end smartwatches, head over to instead, as this site will focus on luxury pieces that take things one step further.

Alpina Horological

This Swiss-made watch features a classic analogue movement but manages to incorporate a variety of smartwatch features as well. This includes movement tracking such as distance and steps, as well as monitoring your sleep. It then synchronizes with your Android or iOS device to display the data.

Thanks to the analogue movement, the Alpina will last a whopping two years before needing a new battery. This is significantly longer than any conventional smartwatch. The sapphire crystal-covered dial comes in either black or silver and can be mixed up with a leather strap or a more fitting steel bracelet.

Vector Luna

Likely one of the most modern and beautiful smartwatches you can buy, the Vector Luna incorporates a non-touch display that you control with the three ergonomically placed navigation buttons. You’ll need to use those buttons to marvel at the variety of pre-installed watch faces, which all compliment the flawless metal finish of this timepiece. There is also an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar features, further eliminating the need to check your phone.

The battery will last you about a month thanks to the dark display. It’ll also track your movements, calories and other physical activity. Linking it up with your Android or iOS device allows you to not only synchronize this data with the Vector app, but also push notifications to the watch such as messages, emails, and missed calls.

Breitling Exospace B55

As with most Breitling pieces, this flawlessly-crafted smartwatch is geared towards pilots and offers a variety of pilot-friendly features. A tough titanium case surrounds the sapphire crystal face cover. Underneath it lies a traditional analogue face, along with two LCD displays.

Everything is controlled via Breitling’s smartphone app, which allows you to perform an endless list of functions. This includes notifications, fly back, electronic tachymeter, lap timer, countdown and many others, making it a beautiful but also versatile smartwatch.


These are just a small taste of what’s yet to come in the world of timepieces that combine the razor-sharp precision of Swiss engineering with the processing power of Silicon Valley. Thanks to this welcomed synergy, the world of watches is more exciting than ever.