Henry Repeating Arms Announces Special Edition Rifle

12/13/2017 by

Henry Repeating Arms is pleased to introduce the newest rifle in its collection, the Henry Golden Boy Shriners Tribute Edition Rifle. It recognizes Shriners International, an organization comprised of over 200,000 members around the world established in 1872. Henry Repeating Arms is donating a portion of each sale to the Shriners International fraternity to assist with their many philanthropic efforts.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms visited Shriners International Headquarters in Tampa, Florida to introduce the new rifle and present serial number #1, which will go on to be displayed in their memorabilia room.

Mr. Imperato explains, "Shriners are a beacon of light in their communities. They give so much in the pursuit of bettering themselves and helping children and families in need, and we are honored to offer this rifle as a salute to all of their hard work and charitable contributions. We hope to see this new partnership help them with continuing their admirable mission." 

The Shriners Tribute Edition Rifle is built on the award-winning Golden Boy platform, which comes with a fully adjustable rear sight, brass bead front sight, blued steel octagonal barrel, and the inherently smooth action that Henrys are known for. It's offered in .22 S/L/LR with a capacity of 16 rounds of .22 Long Rifle or 21 rounds of .22 Short.

The American Walnut stock is laser etched and hand painted with the ever-present red Fez and black tassel along with a gold-painted banner scroll with the words "Shriners International."

The right side of the nickel-plated receiver cover features an engraved Shriner shield in 24K gold plating and a banner scroll with the words "Fun, Fellowship and Philanthropy," the core values of Shriners International.

The left side of the receiver cover has the Shriner logo – the horizontal scimitar with the hanging crescent moon and star – also plated in 24K gold. American leafy-vine scroll engravings surround the images on both sides of the receiver cover.