Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Settings For Your Dream Proposal


You’ve counted down the moments that have led to this proposal. You have the perfect destination in mind and the perfect partner in your life. Why not have the best setting for your ring as well?


Along with the cut, color and clarity, a diamond’s sparkle depends hugely on the way it has been placed in the ring. There are many engagement ring settings available in the market and while you may have ransacked through them roughly, here’s the ultimate guide to engagement ring settings for you!


Prong Setting

If you want a minimalist engagement ring setting, there’s a good chance you’re going to love a prong setting. You might know a prong setting as a claw setting which is essentially a cradle for the diamond. The prongs of the diamond protrude vertically from the base prior to setting. To completely secure the diamond, these metal rails are notched and polished around it after it has been positioned. This setting allows light to flood the diamond for an amazing sparkle as they require less metal than other settings. A classic prong setting is also easy to clean, so less trouble for you!


Pavé Setting

If you like it extra shiny, a diamond ring in a pavé setting is perfect for you. It features a string of small diamonds on the band of the ring. A pavé setting basically covers either the entire surface area of the ring or a certain part of it with a diamond outline for that extra sparkle. The diamonds are set in a way so there is minimal visible metal, keeping the focus on the center stone. This setting does a wonderful job of attracting the attention to the central diamond.


Bezel Setting

Securing a diamond is one of the most important tasks while making an engagement ring. If the safety of your diamond ring is something you can’t compromise on, go for a bezel setting. A bezel setting offers the most security to the diamond. In this setting, a metal rim holds the precious diamond in place. The setting helps the diamond stay in place and not snag on clothes. It also hides the sides and edges of the diamond, potentially covering up inclusions, blemishes and other flaws.


Halo Setting

For that angelic effect, choose a halo setting for your engagement ring. A setting with a center diamond surrounded by a ring of pavé diamonds is known as a halo diamond ring. The pavé stones look even more brilliant because they catch light at the perfect angle and highlight the central diamond. It is known as a "halo" diamond ring because halo rings feature a round diamond in the center that is encircled by a smaller diamond "halo."

When buying a diamond engagement ring, go for the setting that suits your personality and is a true reflection of you. No matter what setting, a diamond ring is that brilliant stroke of sparkle you need in your life.