How to Achieve a Luxury Look Without Breaking the Bank


Many of us would love to have a more luxurious look. If only we could afford to incorporate more high-end brands into our usual repertoire, then we could really make ourselves stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is either impossible or highly impractical. Barring some massive and unexpected shift in our lives, we aren’t going to start raking in enough cash to dress in whatever we like.

The good news is that there are a number of simple things you can do in order to achieve a luxury look without having to endure the luxury price tag. Sometimes, it’s a case of seeking out those pieces which just somehow manage to look way more expensive than they actually are; other times, there are some simple DIY modifications that you can make, which will completely transform the piece in question.

We would all like clothes that are more durable, that are made from the best materials available, and which are able to most deftly blend form and function to produce pieces that are both stunning to look at and practical to wear. Over the years, we have developed a number of different tips and techniques for getting the most out of the clothes you own and making sure that when you are out shopping for new additions you do so with clear purpose.

Use Individual Pieces to Spice up Entire Outfits

Even adding a single luxury fashion item, whether it is a garment or an accessory, to an existing outfit can completely transform it. Anyone who can identify a single luxury item amongst your current outfit will assume that the rest is of similar quality (within reason). You can take advantage of this to use small luxury pieces as a way of accentuating the entire outfit.

Not only does adding a luxury item in give you something to show off to all your friends, it will also impart a massive confidence boost to you while you’re wearing it. Looking great is one thing but feeling like you look great is another entirely.

Hit the Sales

It is in the seasonal sales that the best fashion bargains are to be found. The time immediately following Christmas and New Year is usually the best time to find sales bargains. When most people approach the sales, their goal is to get as much as they can for as little as they can. By shifting your strategy slightly, you can pay a reasonably large sum for an individual item that would normally cost a lot more.

Don’t Underestimate Accessories

It isn’t just the garments you wear that can add to the luxury of your outfit, the accessories that you use to round out your outfits are just as important. Luxury accessories also don’t have to be as expensive as, say, a designer handbag. A pair of nice sunglasses can make a big difference and allow you to broaden your look. Designer sunglasses, or even just a nice non-designer pair, will generally cost much less than a designer handbag and yet the impact they have on your overall look can be just as dramatic. When you are considering a bag to go with your outfit, remember that you can potentially save a lot of money simply by opting for a smaller bag than you would normally go for.

Another often overlooked, and yet very effective, accessory is the watch. Now that we all have smartphones on us wherever we go, which tell us the time, the humble wristwatch is dying out. Smartwatches are doing what they can to buckle the trend, but they still aren’t items that we really associate with a luxury outfit. If you want to infuse your look with some technology, then a smartwatch can be a great idea. However, for most people, a simple analog watch will be more effective.


Choosing the right shoes or boots is one of the most important aspects of designing your outfit. Many people don’t realize just how dramatically a pair of shoes can change the look and feel of an ensemble. Shoes make a huge difference and need to be afforded the proper respect. They are another item where you are going to have to bite the bullet and be willing to spend a little more, but it is still possible to find a bargain. The key is impulse control. Wait until you see a luxury brand available for an unbeatable price and snap them up!

Putting together a luxury outfit doesn’t have to cost you the earth! By thinking creatively about how you can use individual luxury pieces to raise the overall status of your outfit, and by restricting your purchases to sale items, you can achieve the unachievable and have a luxurious, yet affordable, look.