How to Brighten Up Your Home


A dark, drab room can often impact a homeowner’s mood, and they may believe there is no way to illuminate their home effectively. Fortunately, there are many tricks that can lighten and brighten up a room, improving a home’s overall ambiance and atmosphere.

House Plants

Add a burst of color to your interior by incorporating freshly-cut flowers and houseplants into your dark room. Not only can it brighten up a room, but they will also help to improve air quality to create a light, airy and healthy home.

The Right Colored Paint

A room might be dark due to the wrong color painted on the walls. Add some much-needed light by adding a lighter color, such as off-white or beige. You may not even need to paint the whole room, as it may only need a new lick of paint on one wall. If you still want to include color, consider a feature wall.

Change Your Lighting

Home lighting makes a big difference to a room. For instance, you can invest in ceiling light fixtures to illuminate every corner of the home, while a desk or floor lamp can add a burst of light into a dark corner. Turn on the lights in your home and try to identify the best lighting options to create a brighter, more inviting home.

Add More Mirrors

Mirrors can brighten up a space, as they reflect natural sunlight to double light within the room, which also creates a more spacious living space. For the best results, we recommend hanging a mirror directly opposite your window. Never place a mirror on a wall opposite a door or the room may appear cramped and dark.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Do you have a chair, sofa or bed in front of a window? If so, it might be time to rearrange your furniture to prevent them from blocking natural light. It may also help to improve your home’s Feng Shui, so you feel happier and more comfortable as you relax in your living room or bedroom.

Add Colorful Accessories

Simple changes can completely transform your décor. Breathe life and light into a room by adding colorful sofas or a throw onto a sofa. Try to identify areas that are in desperate need of brightening up, and buy a home accessory to improve your home’s look and feel.

Remove Heavy Fabrics

Encourage as much natural light as possible by removing heavy drapes, which can block the sun, and replace them with light curtains. Sheer styles are often the best style for welcoming sunlight into a room. If privacy is a concern, add shades that you can close each night.

Hang Colorful Artwork

Hang colorful artwork that not only complements your décor, but can brighten a room. The artwork will create a more inviting atmosphere while pulling together your color theme to create a stunning interior design.

Don’t settle for a dull and drab home that will impact your mood and happiness within your home. Follow the above tips to create a space that will brighten up each day.