How to Dress Up Your Home Like a Millionaire


Everyone should live like the richest person on Earth. Unfortunately, they don’t call the richest the top 1% for nothing. For many of us, money is an object, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t invest and dress our homes up. Simple design solutions can turn your home from looking drab to fabulous without breaking the bank. Simply putting effort and dedication into finding and designing your home can make it more beautiful and unique.

You don’t have to win the lottery to have a beautiful home! Follow these key tips, and you, too, can have a beautiful home fit for a millionaire.

Have a Design Scheme

Having an idea of what you want to do with a room is the key difference between having a mess of different things you liked individually, but don’t go together, and having a beautifully coordinated space. Start with the largest aspects of your room first, then move on to smaller pieces.

To begin, pick a color. Match secondary colors to coordinate a colour scheme. Color has the ability to change the world, so you can imagine what it can do to your room! From there, choose furniture (matching your room’s color pallet) and then fabrics, decorative items and knickknacks. Bigger to smaller is the way to go!

Artwork is the Focal Point of a Room

Artwork is the physical manifestation of humanity’s affair with creativity. Simply viewing artwork both inspires and unlocks our creative potential. Art alleviates the atmosphere of the room. Art makes a room. It’s a focal point; a window into another world, a statement. A home without artwork is a home without a soul. Artwork completes a room. No truly luxurious home is without art on its walls, or lining its shelves. You don’t, however, have to spend thousands of dollars buying original paintings. Properly framed artwork of any kind, including prints, will bring all the benefits of art into your home and your design.

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Always Keep an Eye Out

Your home can always be improved! Don’t worry too much about getting everything right when you are redecorating a room. It’s always much better to slowly add to it. That way you can find unique items that fit your room perfectly! Having a home that is yours is the real goal here. Mimicking the styles that you can find in a magazine only takes one thing: money.

For the truly beautiful and inspirational room, you need time and dedication. Proper decorating is a mentality – a way of life. You will constantly be redecorating your home, one piece at a time! Not only will this mean that you will collect some truly one-of-a-kind pieces, it means that you will constantly refresh your home. Be unique, be you, and live in your dream home.