How to Get Your Career Mojo Back


As an adult, you spend most of your waking hours in the workplace. This means that if you are unsatisfied in your work, you are spending most of your days feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. The good news is that there are things that you can do to change your situation.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo? It’s a common occurrence, and you are not alone. However, what will distinguish you is how you deal with these feelings. You need to be proactive and seek a solution; else you risk this sense of disharmony and imbalance becoming a constant mindset.

Know what you want

Invest time to reflect on what you truly want to do and question your self-limiting beliefs. You’ll be able to identify the blocks that are restricting your energy flow and sense of happiness.

You will be familiar with the saying ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life’, and while this seems like a pipe dream right now, if you make changes, you can make it your reality.

Ask yourself what you really enjoy doing.

Are you a fitness fanatic? Why not see what Level 3 PT courses are available in your area? You’ll be ideally placed to be a personal trainer because you know about the struggle of life and how exercise makes you feel able to cope with life.

Think about what you enjoy doing and see how you can achieve it.

Be honest with yourself and try to get a deep understanding of where you will get personal value – this is most important. Once you have identified what gives you value, you’ll be better placed to incorporate it into a business that will provide you with financial stability. You may have to retrain, but you’ll have transferable skills from your current role that can be used.

Seek a mentor

You may feel awkward approaching people to be your mentor, but the insights and industry knowledge that mentors can provide is invaluable and something that money simply can’t buy.

A good mentor is someone who has the skills and strengths that you want to emulate. It’s crucial that you research the person – do they have a blog, a LinkedIn profile? You need to research the person to ensure that they meet your expectations, but most of all, to make sure that you like them.

By spending time with a mentor within your chosen industry who is successful and who you respect, you will find that you are motivated and inspired to make positive career steps. They’ll be able to give you a fresh perspective and look at your situation objectively. This is crucial; when you are feeling deflated, you don’t have a clear picture of the reality of where your skills are and how best to use them.

Feeling unfilled and dissatisfied with work is not a good place to be. The stress and strain can leak into the rest of your life even if you try not to let it. Invest time in yourself. Understand what makes you happy, and where you want to go.