How to Give a New Apartment its Own Personality


Signing the rental agreement on a new apartment is both fulfilling and exciting. When you get the keys and you get to step into the space for the first time, there is a sense of accomplishment and new beginnings. Looking around the space, one thing becomes painfully obvious and that’s the fact the new apartment is nothing more than a blank space just crying out for its own personality.

Here are some tips and ideas that will help guide you as you look to give the space personality and style.

Think About How You Plan to Use the Space

Just because the floorplan is meant to be used a particular way, this doesn’t mean you have to abide by it. Look around the space and determine how you plan to use it and set it up. Where do you want to create an office space, your dining area, the living space, etc. Once you’ve got a floorplan in mind, you can go from there.

Pick Furniture That is Comfortable

Rather than shop for pieces that are in style and trending, opt for furniture that is comfortable and fits with your lifestyle. Furniture is a great reflection of your own personality, and you can add your own touches with throws and pillows.

Go Ahead and Display Personal Items

One of the best ways to add personality to the space is to display personal items. This can include photographs, your own artwork, accomplishments and certificates, etc. Anything that is personal to you.

Get Some Paint on the Walls

Nothing adds personality as quickly and as easily as paint on the walls. If you're renting your apartment just be sure you ask the landlord for permission to paint. Often the landlord will say yes as long as you re-paint the walls white before you move out.

You can either paint the whole space one color, or you can play around with accent walls and patterns, and create a flow through the space.

Add a Rug or Two

It doesn’t matter what kind of flooring the apartment has, adding a fabulous rug is another way to give the space an instant dose of personality. It helps to warm up the space, make it more comfortable and inviting, and also helps from a decorating standpoint.

Maybe You're Still Looking

All of these tips take the assumption that you've already found that perfect new apartment, but what if you're still looking? With such a large selection of apartments available, you may want to use a professional tool.

Let’s say, for example, you are looking for apartments for rent in Boston. If that’s the case, then the BostonPads website can make the search simple and quick. These kinds of tools are far superior to the traditional way of looking, which involves circling ads in the local newspaper. With something such as the BostonPads website you can see pictures and details of the space.

Through these tips, you’ll be able to create an apartment that oozes personality and is a comfortable space to live in.