How to Have a Luxurious Anniversary This Year


Relationships take work. They are all about commitment, and sharing, and working through problems together. They are also about love and happiness. That is why when it comes time to celebrate another year together, you need to make it special. Celebrating your relationship is just one of the many ways to keep the romance alive and healthy. A great way to do this is to make a big deal of every one of your yearly celebrations, and what better way to do that then to go on a trip? Venice is the perfect destination to both astound and bring the romance back to life:

1.    Prioritize the Accommodation

One of the key parts of any anniversary is rekindling the romance. This is especially important if you and your partner have children. Between stress, exhaustion, and simply not having enough time alone, a couple’s romantic life can seriously suffer. That is why you need to rent a place that allows you to rekindle that romance, even if it’s only for while you are enjoying your stay abroad.

2.    Explore Together

Learning something new and exploring a new place together can make your relationship feel like new. That is why so many couples travel together. Discover the city of Venice together by walking her streets, discovering new places on your own, or even taking Venice tours around the city so that you learn and see things that the travel guides online will never tell you.

3.    Eat Great Food

Food is one of the best pleasures in life, and so when you’re on vacation for your anniversary, you need to go all out. Research and read reviews beforehand so that you know what places are delicious, and which ones aren’t. That way you can discover the city through your senses, and find your own little piece of Venice along its streets. 

4.    Go During a Carnival

Venice is infamous for its annual carnival Venice Carnevale, which occurs four days before Lent, or the day before Ash Wednesday. It is also known as Mardi Gras in other places around the world, but Venice is slightly different. The masks and costumes are ancient in design, highlighted by the infamous Venetian masks. Go during this time, and you’ll be astounded by the color, the designs, and the performances.

5.    Bask in The Romance

Venice is a city unlike any other. Its streets are filled with canals, and the city itself is even sinking. Venice is a disappearing marvel, and it is one that you must see. Walk along its streets, take a gondola ride, and generally just bask in each other’s company. There is no one in the world but you two when you are on your anniversary vacation, and that is how you’ll keep your marriage healthy and alive for decades more to come.


Celebrating your relationship should be a priority in any relationship. Not only do you need to celebrate it during your anniversary, you need to celebrate it throughout the year as well. Have date nights, special occasions, and otherwise get away from your other responsibilities so that you can have an evening away for just the two of you.