How To Have The Perfect Romantic Getaway


Traveling is fun, and it’s even better when you’re with the one you love. When you decide it’s time for a little getaway, you know that’s your cue to start planning the details to make sure it’s perfect. While you want to remain flexible, don’t leave the main details up to chance.

After you have the opportunity to decompress from your excitement, it’s a good idea to get together with your better half and start talking through what your vacation will look like. Stay patient and listen to each other’s suggestions. Remember that you both have the same goals, so it’s not worth fighting as you prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

Plan Together

It’s best to plan the getaway together since you’re the only two going. Don’t put all the pressure on one person’s shoulders. It’s supposed to be a romantic vacation, so it’s a good idea for you both to be involved. Take turns talking and brainstorm ideas together. Start early, so you don’t feel pressured to make a decision on the spot. Let it all sink in and step away for a few days before coming back to the planning process. It’s likely you’ll both come up with some great ideas and you’ll be able to contribute to organizing the trip equally.

Pick your Accommodations Wisely

Once you determine where you’re going, you should figure out where you want to stay. Ask around and get recommendations, read reviews and do your own research. Don’t go with the first place you see, or you may be sorry. Remember that this is a romantic trip and you want the hotel to be luxurious and stunning. You don’t want to stay somewhere because it’s convenient and cheap. Look at pictures and call the hotel to get any questions you have answered before putting money down.

Schedule Activities that put you in the Mood

Build a deeper connection with your partner by scheduling activities that you’ll both enjoy and will put you in a romantic mood. Choose to participate in a couples massage or wine tasting event. Either way, you’ll be ready to hit the bedroom after and will want to build on the strong emotions you’re feeling for each other. If you want to spice up the bedroom, then visit and make sure your vacation is one to remember. This is another reason why you want to book a fancy hotel and have one of the nicest rooms possible.

Give Each Other Alone Time

Even though you’re together on the trip, it’s important to have your alone time each day. Each of you can use it to do whatever you want and get that much more out of your trip. It’s possible he’ll want to play golf while you get your nails done. It’s okay and healthy to have this time apart. It’s likely you’ll be that much more excited to see each other when you’re done, and you can pick up where you left off. Even on vacation, it’s all about balance and making sure each of your needs is being met. This will help make the trip fun and relaxed, and not stressful.

Rest, Relax & Unplug

Remember that you go on vacation to getaway and escape the pressures of everyday life. Don’t bring all of your electronics and devices with you and be glued to them the whole time. You’ll have a more romantic getaway when you’re connecting and spending quality time together. Work ahead, so your job isn’t getting in the way of having a nice trip. Make it a point to rest and slow your mind down for a few days. Gently remind each other to unplug if you see the other slipping into bad habits and zoning out.

Go to Fancy Dinners

Relish in the fact that you’re on vacation and don’t have to cook. Your getaway will be that much more romantic when you schedule fancy dinners together. It’s a chance to dress up and look your best for your partner. It’s an ideal setting to have good conversation and share delicious food together. Mix it up by going to different restaurants each night and trying a new cuisine. It would even be fun to take a cooking class one night or eat a meal on the beach. Be in the moment and enjoy the atmosphere and company at each place you attend.

Communicate Openly

Your trip will be that much better when you’re emotionally connected and communicate openly with each other. It’s possible one of you will get tired, hungry or crabby and be tempted to make a rude comment, but when you’re communicating honestly, you can express how you’re feeling instead of taking it out on the other person. Talk about how the day’s going, what you want to do next and how the trip is for each of you so far. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind and compliment one another when you think they look nice.

Take Pictures

Don’t forget to whip out the camera once in a while. Make the memories from your trip last longer by documenting what you’re doing with pictures. Take turns being in charge of the camera and capturing all of your favorite moments through images. While it’s good to take a lot of pictures, remember to stay in the moment and not let it distract you from what’s happening in front of you. Taking pictures will allow you to share your highlights with friends and family members back home too.

Taking a trip with your partner is definitely an experience to look forward to. Spend time planning ahead and have some of the details nailed down so you can relax once you arrive at your destination. Focus on each other and enjoying the vacation as a couple. Remain flexible and open while you’re away and continue working on building a strong connection with one another. Follow these steps to help you have the perfect getaway filled with romance and happiness.