How to live like a Billionaire for Considerably Less


There are a total of 2,208 billionaires in the world. That makes the probability that you are a billionaire a minuscule 0.00000029%. However, the probability that you wish you were a billionaire is bound to be higher. If you aspire to own billions, whatever income you have probably doesn’t seem like enough, but there might be some days where you get out of bed and have an unmistakable craving to taste the life of one of the world’s most esteemed money makers. This article is for you.


Private Jets

So you want to go on vacation. Well, you may want to go to the airport and queue with all the other globetrotters and spend hours getting from the main terminal to where you parked and to have to waste time in duty-free. Alternatively, you may have the distinct urge to skip all that and fly privately in a private chartered aircraft. Billionaires tend to have no problem spending between $5000 and $20,000 per hour on the private jet experience, but there is a cheaper way to get the same luxury for you and your family. According to Forbes, you can take advantage of empty leg flights for as little as $320-500. That’s the price of a really expensive date (but probably a lot more impressive than a restaurant and drinks).


Private Boats

Luxury boats such as a superyacht are defined as at least 80 feet in length and cost about $1 million per 3.3 feet. That is not including upkeep – according to Business Insider, owners will spend about 10% of the purchase price on operation and maintenance every single year. Imagine you have a boat that barely fits the definition of a superyacht (80 feet). You’ll be spending about $2.5 million on it every year. Why go to all that hassle? With a boat club you can own a boat without needing to pay for the hidden costs. Though a full superyacht might be off the table, a boat club gives you more options: you can boat anywhere in the USA all year round, pick any boat you want and not have any dock fees, insurance, maintenance or even cleaning costs. Boat clubs are typically about 1/3 the cost of owning an actual boat, so if you’ve got sea legs you may want to think about joining one.


Private Islands

Sadly, these don’t come dirt cheap no matter who you get them from, but a private island can be a lot cheaper than you thought. According to the Guardian, you can get a whole private island for as little as £60,000, which is about $75,000 depending on the price of the pound. This isn’t cheap, but as property goes it isn’t bad considering the lowest average State price for an American home is $199,020 in Alabama. For a fraction of the cost of an extra home you could have an island!

Though you may not be able to afford a daily breakfast of champagne and caviar, tasting what it’s like to live the life of the unthinkably rich can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience that broadens your mind. In the cases of private jets and islands, you need to take one precaution: pray you don’t develop a taste for it!