How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding


A wedding should be a lifetime event that brings pleasant memories in years to come. You can’t predict what will happen on your wedding day, but you can try to make sure the chances of things going wrong dramatically reduces. One way to do this would be by choosing a wedding that fits within your budget and capacity. For some people, they decide that a destination wedding is what fits that description. This is no surprise as they can be more cost-effective as well as easier to manage. In light of this, here is how you can plan the perfect destination wedding.

Pick the Right Destination

If you ask ten people where their ideal destination wedding would be, you’re probably going to hear a range of different places. When choosing your wedding destination, sit down and think about a place you’ve always wanted to visit, one that has sentimental meaning to you and your partner, or one that you find most romantic. Once you’ve done that, look up the destination and see where in that country or city people are most likely to get married.

Choose a Planner

Once you’ve been able to choose a destination, it’s advisable that you choose a planner. Trying to look for vendors in a country that you aren’t familiar with or resident in could be stressful and chaotic. To find a wedding planner, check online, read reviews, and ask around. Speaking to friends you know who have had a destination could go a long way too as they have firsthand advice based on experience, even if you don’t end up at the same place. When selecting a wedding planner, also think about how compatible you are as you want someone you can work with.

Stay Within Your Budget

The good thing about destination weddings is that they often come as a package. This means that you don’t have to calculate the cost of each vendor and worry about overspending. If, for instance, you choose to have a Dominican Republic wedding, you could choose from various packages that include the ceremony, and accommodation of 60 plus guests amongst other things.

However, keep in mind there will be other expenses that could easily pile up like leisure activities, dining out, transportation around the city and any other miscellaneous expenses.

Send Out Invites Early

The pro and con of having a destination wedding is that your loved ones have to buy tickets to attend your wedding. This could put people who can’t afford it in a difficult position and they could end up missing your wedding if they can’t come up with the money. Therefore, give people enough notice so they have time to take off of work and save towards their trip. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these invites as you can make them for free using Adobe Spark.

Visit in Advance

When planning a destination wedding, never rely solely on pictures. This could be a dangerous mistake to make as if it doesn’t look as it is portrayed in pictures, you could end up very disappointed on your big day. Make time to see the venue as well as all vendors in person. When making a decision about vendors, be sure that they can deliver and are reliable. This way, you should feel more confident in your decision and have positive feelings about your big day.

Planning the perfect destination wedding doesn’t have to turn you gray before your time. If done in the right way, it could actually make your wedding experience more enjoyable as well as memorable.