How To Turn Your Nursery Into A Work Of Art With Wallpaper


New mothers are hardly ever prepared for the joys and challenges of motherhood. Nobody tells you that even while your infant sleeps almost all day, they do so in bouts. So, you barely have time to fall asleep before they are up again- for feeding, changing, burping, and other imminent needs. How about the fact that you’ll spend most of your time in the nursery catching some sleep before the baby is up again? Or that you’ll be walking around like a zombie for weeks before you finally get the hang of things. These and more are the reasons why your nursery should be as comfortable as it can be. It’s not just for the baby. It’s also for your good. So, let’s explore ways you can make this happen:

Choosing Wallpaper for Your Nursery

Selecting the right wallpaper for your bundle of joy cannot be easy, but we’ll strive to make it a smooth journey. Much like when choosing ordinary wallpaper for walls, you must consider a few factors.

The Type

You have the options of non-pasted, pre-pasted, and self-adhesive wallpapers. The latter is what we have come to know as removable nursery wallpaper, which comes with a ton of benefits. Among them are removing the wallpaper without damaging the wall, durability, easy installation, and low maintenance.

The Color

A few decades back, pink and blue were the go-to colors for nurseries. But times have since changed, and more parents are moving towards the gender-neutral path. The key consideration when choosing nursery hues should be what you hope to inspire in the room. Do you want to make it cozy? Are you looking for an energetic vibe? Think about all these possible moods, ensuring they work for you and the baby.

The Pattern

If you choose to work with patterns, consider how big or small they will feel in relation to the room. Don’t go for patterns that are too small for the space or work with tight patterns that make the room feel busy. Also, think about experimenting with stripes for a modern appeal.

You can then consider how much you want to spend on wallpaper and start shopping for wallpaper that fits into this budget. Keep in mind that you’ll always need more wallpaper than the room’s dimensions.


How To Use Wallpaper in A Nursery

Are you looking for creative ways to make your nursery pop? We’ve got some good ones:

Creating an accent wall

Every room needs a focal point, and the nursery is not an exception. You want to create emphasis on a key feature that carries into the whole room. Say, for example, that you love murals. You can install one that’s ideal for a nursery on the main wall. If you’re concerned about taking over the whole room, you can cover just part of the wall with the wallpaper. Ensure that it remains at eye level so that it’s visible to people regardless of their heights. That’s one way to create visual interest.

Dividing Spaces

As a new mom, you’ll spend a lot of time in the nursery, shuffling between feeding, napping, and even organizing the room. You’ll need these areas to be within reach yet with a clear distinction. So, how do you do this? Using wallpaper! Wallpaper inspires the mood in the room and is perfect for separating the room into different spaces.

For example, you can have bright wallpaper in the play area to evoke energy and excitement. Towards the crib, you can use more calming hues to coax the baby to relax and sleep. Then towards the changing table, you can use a more functional hue. It becomes easier to gauge a section’s use when you bring color-coding into the picture.

Highlighting Ceilings

There are three reasons why you should wallpaper the ceiling. The first is that your baby spends more time on their back than you realize. So, when they are awake, they look up at the ceiling. A plain surface is never fun to look at, and it can frustrate your baby. But when you introduce patterns and designs, your baby might be more comfortable staying in their crib. They can stare at the patterns and get lost in a world of their own (you know how babies get excited by new sights).

The other reason is to influence how big a room looks. Most nurseries tend to be limited as far as space goes. What if you could create the illusion of a larger room? It’s easy to do this with light-colored wallpaper. The effects of the light hue will spill over to the room and make it feel less cramped. Even you will enjoy spending more time in the space long after the baby has learned to sleep for straight hours.

The last is to highlight the furniture in the room. Often, people go all out when buying nursery furniture. They get rocking chairs, elegant tables, cute, organized closets, and racks, etc. But these often go unnoticed in the light of the crib. But a ceiling wallpaper will shed more light on these pieces by complementing their allure.

Introducing Texture

There’s no reason for your nursery to feel drab. You might think that because it’s a baby’s room, you don’t need to focus on the aesthetics much. But this could not be further from the truth. Remember that you will spend a lot of time in this space. So, why not make it a masterpiece?

Textured wallpaper adds depth to any room, more so when coupled with animated designs. From cartoons to jungles to the skies, you can impart a lot of character into this safe space using wallpaper. Using texture is also great at bringing out the beauty of standard wallpaper. A piece may look a bit too common, but when you add some character to it, interior décor magazines will come a-calling.


We want you to remember that the nursery is not only for the baby. It also serves you and anyone else who will care for the baby. So, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable enough to keep you and the baby excited. Have fun decorating!