Introducing Riley: A New First Name in Luxury Bed & Bath

05/09/2018 by

Riley, the first name in luxury and quality bed & bath linens, launches today on The direct-to-consumer brand's factories in Europe are known across the industry as the pinnacle of luxury textile manufacturing, delivering the absolute highest quality in bedding and bath you can find in the market today for attainable prices. The result? The best $1000 sheets that $199 can buy. But Riley doesn't stop there: nearly all the products are available to be monogrammed and personalized, delivering playful luxury and serious quality all at once.

You may have heard of The Life of Riley? It's an expression for someone who lives a charmed life. We believe that up until now, the bedding & bath business has taken itself too seriously and hasn't taken its customers seriously enough. Quality, on the other hand, is never a laughing matter, and it's evident in the products, service and extreme attention to detail. Riley's fourth-generation family-owned textile mills across Europe guarantee a commitment to craftsmanship and to ultimately, to the customer.

Riley's launch bedding collection consists of sateen and percale sheet sets, duvet covers and shams in a variety of styles and colors, down and alt-down comforters and pillows, as well as unique items like a 2-in-1 blanket/pillow and eye masks. The launch bath collection consists of spa towel and plush towel sets, bath mats and rugs, as well as unisex bathrobes. For a full product + price listing, please visit the site. Almost all Riley products can be personalized through monogrammed embroidery font that have been selected specifically for the brand.

You may be thinking, "another DTC linens brand?!" And you'd be right, but also very, very wrong. Other DTC linens brands have muddied the waters about actual quality, true luxury, and genuine value. Bold claims abound and manufacturing stories tiptoe around the truth. Riley goes above these average claims by delivering bedding and bath that gets softer with each wash, and more comfortable with each cuddle.

Riley was founded by former Net-a-Porter senior executive Heather Kaminetsky, a fashion e-commerce veteran who has turned her eye to the home category. "Riley was created not only to shake up the sleepy DTC bedding and bath category, but to offer customers a level of quality at a price they could only dream of," she said. "Coupling the amazing products we have with a seamless, mobile-first technology platform creates a destination to interact with customers, collect feedback, and adapt quickly to design relevant and desirable items. I am so excited to share this unique brand which offers customers the best of what this category has to offer, with the unparalleled service they deserve from an agile DTC model."

Riley challenges the current status quo in the linens industry, and the results are evident in the products. But don't take our word for it; the Riley Home Lie-On Program™ delivers customers two deluxe samples of sheets (percale and sateen) to experience the vast difference themselves.

Product withstanding, the Riley brand also sits apart from its competitors by bringing the bedding & bath category to life. The whimsical world of Riley is brought to life through the creative lens of world renowned photographer Matt Jones, and models Zippora SevenCaroline LoweCheyenne CartyJessica Sikosek, and Jesse Gwin. Shot on-site at a sprawling estate in Connecticut, the resulting feel echoes Riley's brand spirit of playfulness, modernity, and carefree cheekiness.

Bed and bath is only the beginning, and while these products will always be Riley's core competencies, we have much more to offer. So, isn't it about time that you Live the Life of Riley?