Introducing The Limited Edition Partner In Wine X Maison Mirabeau Pure Rosé Bottle Bundle

09/11/2023 by

It’s no secret that Partner In Wine founder, Lucy Hitchcock, is a fan of rosé wine. It’s even less of a secret that Maison Mirabeau, founded by Jeany and Stephen Cronk in 2010, is her rosé wine of choice. Lucy is therefore delighted to announce that Partner In Wine has collaborated with Maison Mirabeau to create the ultimate, limited edition rosé wine and insulated bottle bundle featuring her iconic Partner In Wine bottle, in an elegant shade of rosé pink, and a bottle of Maison Mirabeau Pure, the brands seductive, iconic rosé wine. 

Partner In Wine was born out of need. The need - to avoid drinking warm rosé wine at all costs. Established in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, following the introduction of socially distanced drinks and an unsavoury warm wine experience whilst in the park with friends on a hot and sunny day, Lucy created her iconic insulated wine bottle and since conception, has delighted in filling it with Maison Mirabeau Pure. Very pale pink in colour, with peachy reflections, Lucy found this superbly crafted and seductive rosé best for a myriad of occasions, but of course, always best served cold. 

Lucy comments “After one too many warm glasses of wine on-the-go, I started Partner in Wine so that my beloved rosé could be enjoyed at the perfect temperature - anywhere. I am thrilled to have partnered with Maison Mirabeau. Not only is it my rosé wine of choice, it’s a brand that I look up to and take inspiration from. Since launching Partner In Wine I have had the pleasure of forming a special bond with Mirabeau, partnering to encourage winter walks during Covid and now with the creation of this ballet slipper pink bottle. Those that join me in being passionate about drinking pink, and enjoying it at the temperature the wine makers intended, should run, not walk, to get their hands on this limited edition bundle” 

Jeany Cronk, founder of Maison Mirabeau comments “Earlier this year Maison Mirabeau announced that it has achieved B Corp certification, which signifies our commitment to creating positive change, not just in the wine industry, but also in the communities and ecosystems it operates within. Collaborating with Partner In Wine not only ensures that our customers can enjoy our wine at its optimal temperature, but it means that they can do so in a sustainable way. Decanting our wine into this beautiful Partner In Wine bottle means that our packaging can be recycled properly at home rather than being disposed of in public bins which are largely destined for landfill”.  

Available to purchase online from the Partner In Wine website and the Maison Mirabeau Boutique, the Partner In Wine x Maison Mirabeau Pure Bundle will RRP at £48.00 for the insulated bottle plus Maison Mirabeau Pure 75cl and £35.00 for the insulated bottle alone.