Introducing ‘The Regal Lion’ - A Design First in Functional Art

06/27/2017 by
Cameron-Zemtsov Design Associates, LLC (CZDA), is delighted to debut ‘The Regal Lion’ Wine & Decanter Stoppers, a limited edition functional art sculpture in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, or 950 Platinum, accented with diamonds or golden sapphires. Each signed and numbered Lion will be a distinctive work of art that will appeal to animal fine art collectors, wine and whiskey aficionados, and anyone who appreciates rare and beautiful objects. ( Priced from $6,300-$25,150.
Each elegant, made-to-order Art Deco and Gothic-influenced piece can be displayed in its handmade display base of mahogany or Gabon ebony, resting on three Sterling Silver Balls, or – of course – as a stunning crown atop a bottle of fine wine or a beautiful crystal decanter. As decanter and wine stoppers have never before been created as stand-alone art objects, and decanter stoppers have only been made by decanter manufacturers at the same time and of the same material as the decanter itself, the debut of The Regal Lion is a true design first. Further, until now, decanter stoppers have never been independently designed as art, separate and apart from any particular decanter.  

The making of The Regal Lion is so demanding of skill and time that CZDA anticipates a very limited output—no more than 30 pieces per year. It is a signed and numbered limited edition of 24 pieces in 950 Platinum, 50 pieces in 18K Gold, and 100 pieces in Sterling Silver. “The design of the lion sculpture requires such an exacting level of craftsmanship that it is within the capability of no more than a handful of jewelry artisans,” says the company’s wildlife jewelry designer, Rick Cameron. “My partner, Boris Zemtsov, regarded in the industry as one of the finest gem setters in America, is among this elite group of extraordinary masters.”
“Passionate about protecting wildlife and wilderness, Mr. Cameron is known for his unique, majestic, and mystical animal jewelry designs,” says Mr. Zemstov. “I’ve been working with him for more than 20 years, and am pleased we have partnered to create an inspired line of ‘art with a function.’”  
Reflecting the partners’ dedication to the cause of saving endangered wildlife, 5% of the company’s sales will be donated to Born Free, USA.
Adam M. Roberts, CEO, Born Free USA, says, “These elegant lion wine and decanter stoppers are truly sophisticated works of functional art that should be proudly displayed and used. The lion is a fitting image as it both honors Elsa, the lioness who inspired Born Free, as well as our constant efforts to protect lions and other imperiled species.”