Introducing Wood Milk for the Next Generation of Milk Drinkers

04/28/2023 by

Founded by actress Aubrey Plaza, we're excited to introduce Wood Milk - 100% all-natural, milked wood. Here at Wood Milk, we understand that consumers are looking for great tasting, high quality products to incorporate into their lifestyles - and we are excited to bring the freshness of wood from the ground to your glass.

Inspired by the idea that these days you can make milk out of anything - Aubrey looked at a tree and thought—could I drink this? And thus, Wood Milk was born. Wood Milk's fresh, new campaign is designed to inspire the next generation of milk drinkers and wood-based enthusiasts with a beverage that is made from trees but tastes nothing like milk and has none of the nutritional benefits.

Created in the Wood Milk Orchards right here in the US, Wood Milk is made from the freshest flavors of maple, cherry, mahogany and hickory - all grown in bio-diverse, eco-friendly, artisanal, free-range wood forests. Using a state of the art "Wood Milking" process, Wood Milk is created fresh from a unique blend of trunks, roots and branches - right from the ground.

"Here at Wood Milk Orchards, we're certain that our artisanal Wood Milk will be the only milk you'll want to drink for the rest of your life," says Wood Milk founder and actress Aubrey Plaza. "Why? Because I said so."

Repping a wood-based 'stache on screen, across social media and across U.S. billboards, Aubrey is excited to share how delicious and fun a wood-based lifestyle can be.

Wood Milk is launching on Thursday, April 20, 2023 - for more information, please go to, or @DrinkWoodMilk - and be sure to check out our Got Wood? merch, available for purchase.