Investing In Precious Metals Coins


Precious Metals

Precious metals are the metals that people invest in, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. There are other metals to invest in that are not as well-known but can be worth quite a bit of money. There are metals that are approved to be a part of the Precious Metals IRA, or the Gold IRA, and others that are not approved for that.

You can buy most precious metals in a variety of places, both online and in brick-and-mortar buildings. One place that you can check out is a place that you can buy them online. They may have just what you are looking for. They can help you to find the right people to invest in a Gold IRA, as well.

Listed below are the precious metals that are allowed for a Precious Metals IRA. There will be a little information listed with each metal. You can do some research to find out more about each of the metals and to find out more about Gold IRAs. There is a lot of information about both if you do a simple search on the internet.

Precious Metal Coins and Bars Allowed for Gold IRAs

There are some rules about the purity of the metals that are allowed for a Gold IRA. The metals must be at least 99.5% pure, depending on the metal. The metals must be produced by companies that are accredited or certified by NYMEX, NYSE/Liffe, COMEX, LME, ISO 9000, TOCOM, LBMA, or LPPM. They can also be certified or accredited by a national government mint if it meets the minimum requirements.

1.   American Eagle Bullion and Proof Coins

This is the official gold bullion coin of the United States and one of the most popular coins to use in Gold IRAs. It meets all the requirements needed to be added to your self-directed IRA. The first American Eagle gold coin was made in 1985 by an act of Congress and has been a popular coin for collectors and investors ever since. You can find more information about this coin here: It is a very interesting history if you care to read about it.

2.   Australian Kangaroo Nugget Bullion Coins

This coin was first introduced in 1986 and is pure gold and it is from Australia. When it was first minted, it featured gold nuggets that were originally found in Australia. By 1989, the Australian mint decided that the kangaroo was much more popular than gold nuggets and began producing the coins known today.

3.   Australian Lunar Series Coins

These coins were first minted in 1996 and they represent the twelve animals that are depicted in the Chinese Lunar calendar. There are twelve different coins for this reason and all are highly collectible and make great investments for your IRA account.

4.   Austrian Philharmonic Bullion Coins

This coin is 24 karat gold and was first minted in 1989 as a tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It also celebrates hundreds of years of coin-making in Europe. This is the only gold coin that is minted in Euros making it very collectible and great for investing.

5.   British Britannia That Are 2013 and Newer

These are British bullion coins that were originally minted in 1987, but for investment purposes, you want to buy the ones that were minted in 2013 or later. This is because of the purity standards needed for the IRA standards. It features a picture of Britannia which is a female personification of Britain.

6.   Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

The one-ounce coin is made of 99.9% pure gold and is one of the most pure bullion coins available in the world. This makes it perfect for investing in your Gold IRA because it fits all the standards that are necessary. These coins feature the Canadian Maple leaf and has been in production since 1979.

7.   Chinese Panda Coins

These coins are legal tender in China and are issued in many denominations. Even though the traditional symbol for China is the dragon, the panda is more widely known around the world, so China chose to use it as the symbol for the coin. This makes it more collectible around the world. It is also a great investment for your precious metals IRA.

8.   Credit Suisse – PAMP Suisse Bars

Another very popular coin for investing and collecting purposes, this coin was first minted in 1979. These are bars that are made in rectangles that feature the name of the bar and the amount of gold in the bar. They do come in a wide variety of sizes and amounts for the collectors and investors.

9.   S. Buffalo Bullion Coins

This coin features the buffalo originally used for the Buffalo Head, otherwise known as the Indian Head, nickel. It also has the American Indian featured on the opposite side. Read here for more information about this beautiful coin. It is 24 karat gold, making it a great investment for your IRA or a great collectible. It was first minted in 2006 and is labeled as a fifty-dollar coin – but the value is often much more than that.

These are just some of the most popular coins used for investment purposes for your Gold IRA. They all meet the standards set forth by the IRS so that you can use them for investing. They are also great coins for the collector and can be great assets for you.