It's an Investment: Tips on How to Care for Your Designer Clothes Like a Pro


Whether you're using it for your daily wardrobe or for special occasions only, designer brands are worth every penny. There's nothing that can compare to the feeling of each piece, downed with intricate designs that took weeks (or months) to create. Honestly, wearing designer clothes can make anyone feel like a royal.

However, designer clothes require a higher level of care compared to clothes bought off-the-rack. After all, they have detailed designs, and just putting them in the washing machine and dryer can damage it. For example, have you imagined what would happen if you put a bridal gown inside the washer? You'd hear screams of horror if all the sequins fell off!

So here are some tips you should follow  to ensure your designer clothes stay as beautiful and elegant as they can be.

No wire hangers!

You've probably heard of the famous line from the movie Mommie Dearest— no wire hangers… ever!

And they're right. Wire hangers should be thrown out of your closet if you want to preserve your designer clothes. These are prone to rust which can damage your clothes. Who wants to see rust stains on a perfectly great outfit? No one, right? Plus, they can distort pieces, creating the rabbit ear effect in your clothes which isn't pleasing to look at.

Instead, you should use hangers made of wood, velvet, silk or even plastic. These hangers are sturdy and can handle even the most delicate materials without damaging it.

Use a steamer

If you're too busy to iron your clothes or go to the dry cleaners, then you should invest in a good steamer. This is a good investment for every type of outfit, regardless of it being a designer brand or not.

When choosing a steamer, we recommend using one that can accommodate various types of materials. Many steamers have different settings for each material, preventing it from getting damaged.

But, why steam cleaning? Simple. It's because regular ironing can damage the fine threads and ruin fabrics. So a steamer can be your and your clothes' new best friend.

Get delicate materials professionally cleaned

Washing your clothes at home can save you money in the long run, but it may not apply to designer brands.

It's because some designer clothes have delicate materials such as silk and have intricate designs which the typical washer can't handle. For these delicate clothes, it's best to get them professionally cleaned. Why? Because professional cleaners like Sage dry cleaners in Tampa know exactly how to treat your designer clothes with care while getting them cleaned. They also have the right tools to get those pesky stains out, restoring them to perfect condition.

Remove stains immediately

No matter how careful you are, there are times when you can't avoid accidental stains. And your clothes would be a waste if you have to throw them out just because you can't get rid of the stain.

There are different ways to remove stains on clothes. Of course, this will depend on the stainand the type of fabric. However, remember the first aid to stains— rinse it with water immediately to prevent the stain from setting into the fabric.

The care label is your friend

You might've disregarded it, but care labels are your main guide in taking care of your clothes. Each piece has it, which summarizes how you can wash the clothes properly.

Carefully read and follow through the care label instructions if you don't want to ruin your designer clothes. This can be annoying, we know, but it's all worth the hassle.

For example, a care label for clothes made of silk or wool will indicate that it should be hand washed. It's because if you throw them in the washer, you might end up with ruined clothes with no coming back!

Hand wash if necessary

As we mentioned,  some materials only require hand washing. It may seem old-fashioned, but trust us, it's truly worth it. You don't want to ruin your clothes after all!

For easy hand washing, soak them overnight in warm water and gentle soap. Your clothes will wash themselves for you, and all you'll need to do is to put a little elbow grease. 

If air drying isn't a must, you can put them in your dryer. Just make sure your dryer's operating properly to avoid any mishaps! Inspect your dryer regularly to know if you need to replace some parts. For example, dryer belts may need replacing. If you want to DIY the repair, here's how to replace the belt on your dryer. Easy, right?

Designer clothes are expensive for a reason. The level of effort poured into each piece is unmatched. It's no wonder why caring for them should be on another level.

When cared for properly, your designer clothes can last a lifetime, making it an investment that's truly worth it.